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Discover Ducati India’s special offer, featuring a remarkable Rs 1.5 lakh benefit on the dynamic Streetfighter V4 and the adventurous Multistrada V4. Gain insights into their specifications, versions, and cost. Our article provides a thorough analysis with pros and cons for each model, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Additionally, find a detailed FAQ section to address your questions. Ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts and potential Ducati owners, this guide highlights Ducati’s effort to make these premium bikes more accessible in India. Seize this unique chance to experience the luxury and performance of Ducati motorcycles.

Ducati, a revered name in the motorcycle industry, has recently announced an alluring offer for Indian enthusiasts. The Italian marque is presenting a limited-period opportunity, offering benefits worth Rs 1.5 lakh on two of its coveted models – the Multistrada V4 and the Streetfighter V4. This article delves into the details of this offer, the features of these motorcycles, and their suitability for the Indian market.


Ducati India Offers

Ducati’s Limited Period Offer: A Lucrative Deal for Motorcycle Aficionados
In a move to captivate the Indian market, Ducati has rolled out a beneficial scheme applicable to the ex-showroom price of the Multistrada V4 and Streetfighter V4. This scheme, valid until January 31 or until stocks last, is an opportunity for customers to acquire these premium bikes with added financial advantages. The offer includes a store credit, which can be utilized for purchasing accessories, official Ducati apparel, service packs, or even as a cash discount.

Luxury Motorcycles in India

Ducati Streetfighter V4: Unleashing Power and Style
The Streetfighter V4, a marvel in the street-naked segment, boasts an impressive 1103cc, V4 engine that churns out 205.17bhp and 123Nm. Available in two variants – Standard and S – it’s a blend of aggressive styling and raw performance. The S variant elevates the ride with electronically adjustable, Ohlins suspension. Starting at Rs 22.15 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi, this model stands as a testament to Ducati’s engineering prowess.

Table: Pros and Cons of Ducati Streetfighter V4

High-Performance V4 EnginePremium Pricing
Advanced Electronics SuiteAggressive Riding Position
Top-Notch Suspension (S Variant)Not Ideal for Long-Distance Touring
Cutting-Edge Design and AestheticsLimited Practicality for Daily Use
Ducati’s Renowned Brand ValueHigh Maintenance Costs

High-Performance Motorcycles India

Ducati Multistrada V4: The Quintessential Adventure Bike
The Multistrada V4, Ducati’s flagship adventure bike, comes in standard, S, and Rally variants. It’s powered by the Granturismo V4 engine, producing 168bhp and 125Nm. The S variant is equipped with an electronically adjustable suspension, enhancing its off-road and touring capabilities. The recent unveiling of the Multistrada V4 RS, featuring the Streetfighter V4’s engine and premium components like Ohlins suspension and forged Marchesini wheels, adds to its allure.

Table: Pros and Cons of Ducati Multistrada V4

Versatile Performance (On and Off-Road)Premium Price Segment
Powerful Granturismo V4 EngineHeavier than Typical Adventure Bikes
Advanced Electronic Suspension (S Variant)Complex for New Riders
Ducati Safety Pack & ConnectivityHigher Maintenance and Running Costs
Range of Variants for Different NeedsBulkier, Challenging in Dense Traffic

Ducati Ex-Showroom Price Offer

Additional Offers and Future Launches
Besides the Streetfighter V4 and the Multistrada V4, Ducati has extended similar offers to other models like the Streetfighter V2 and the Multistrada V2. This strategy indicates Ducati’s commitment to increasing its footprint in the Indian market. Additionally, the announcement of eight new bikes set to launch in India in 2024, including the Multistrada V4 RS, marks an exciting future for Ducati enthusiasts.

FAQs on Ducati’s Limited Period Offer

  • What is the validity of Ducati’s limited-period offer?
  • The offer is valid until January 31 or until stocks last.
  • Can the store credit be used for anything other than the bike purchase?
  • Yes, it can be used for accessories, official apparel, service packs, or as a cash discount.
  • What are the main differences between the Streetfighter V4 Standard and S variants?
  • The primary difference lies in the suspension system, with the S variant featuring electronically adjustable Ohlins suspension.
  • Is the Multistrada V4 suitable for off-road adventures?
  • Yes, especially the S and Rally variants, which are designed with off-road capabilities in mind.

Ducati Ownership Experience

Ducati’s latest offer in India is a significant stepin making these high-end bikes more accessible to Indian customers. With a balance of performance, style, and advanced technology, the Streetfighter V4 and Multistrada V4 stand as epitomes of Ducati’s commitment to excellence. This offer not only enhances the value proposition for potential buyers but also strengthens Ducati’s position in the competitive Indian luxury motorcycle market.

Ready to elevate your riding experience with Ducati’s exceptional motorcycles? Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own a Ducati Streetfighter V4 or Multistrada V4 with an exclusive Rs 1.5 lakh benefit. Explore the range, compare models, and make an informed decision with our detailed analysis.

Visit your nearest Ducati dealership today, take advantage of this limited-time offer, and join the prestigious Ducati family. Act now, as this offer is valid only until January 31 or while stocks last. Embrace the thrill of Ducati’s engineering excellence and make your dream ride a reality.


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