Biker Family shares his views on Suzuki GSXR – 750

 Biker Family shares his views on Suzuki GSXR – 750

Introduction : I am the owner of and I am 26 year student. I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands.I am in my graduation year, and I  hoping to be done by end of this year. I want to keep further details about myself private.

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Akash : Which was your first bike?
Bikers.Family :
My first bike was a spotless GSXR-750 from 2010. I fell in love with the GSXR on a younger age, it’s a very popular bike. I saw it very often and I liked the looks and the line of it. I also appreciate the handling of the bikes. It handles as a 600, but the power is near to a litre bike.

Biker Family with his GSXR 750

Akash : Kilometres/Miles done so far?
Bikers.Family : Approximately 20.000 (including my old bike).

Akash : Showroom from which you got your GSXR 750 .Also how did GSXR 750 happen?
BIkers.Family : I’ve bought my bike from Motoport Uithoorn, which was a great experience. They gave me the feeling that I was buying a new bike. Everything went fast and smooth. Like I said earlier, I loved the looks of the GSXR. The one I own now is all black, that was even better. It fits me perfect and I’d still take my bike over any other bike. Even though it ain’t as fast as a litre class bike.

Suzuki GSXS-750

Akash : How does GSXR 750 behave on track and in normal traffic?
Biker.Family : I have never been on the track, but I want to start with track training this season. The bike is perfect in normal traffic, rippin’ the streets with my friends is my favorite thing to do off course. The bike is often way too fast, it’s hard not to act reckless. People often complain about sportbikes and how uncomfortable they are. But long distances are easily ridden. I never experienced pain in my back or anything similar. It’s a great toy for street. I hope it’s even better on track.

Akash : What is the one thing that you love about this bike?
Biker.Family : I love the sinister look of it. I really get a lot of compliments about how my bike stands out.

Akash : Have you put any aftermarket component and how do you feel about it?
Biker.Family :
I’ve got a full Yoshimura system on my bike which feels great. The sound is amazing, not too loud but still loud enough to set off scooter and car alarms. That’s basically the only aftermarket part on my bike at this moment.

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Akash : How would you rate GSXR 750 for below parameters on the scale of 1 to 10.1 being lowest and 10 being the highest ?

Biker.Family : Please find my rating below

  • Solid Build Quality :  8
  • Ride Quality : 9
  • Traction Control : Doesnt have
  • Powerful Engine : 7.5
  • Appearance : 10
  • Efficient Braking System : 7
  • Sporty Riding Position : 8

Akash : Your Hobbies apart from riding motorcycle?
Biker.Family : Playing Fifa! Haha, no joke. I love videogames. Especially Fifa! If anyone wants to get their butt kicked.

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