Meghraj talks about his Kawasaki Z800

Meghraj talks about his Kawasaki Z800

Transcript of Expert Talk and Ownership Review of Kawasaki Z800 with Meghraj Gore

Hello everyone my name is Akash today we have with us Meghraj Gore who is avid biker, super bike owner and budding entrepreneur .We welcome you from LivingWithGravity YouTube channel, as you guys are aware that super bike industry is growing day by day in India and most of the big players like Harley-Davidson, Triumph,Kawasaki and Benelli they are trying to attract more and more customers. So we are looking forward to capture bikers journey a biker you know from track perspective and biker from everyday perspective.

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Akash: So today we have Meghraj with us we welcome you from LivingWithGravity channel.

Meghraj:  Its pleasure of mine to be on this channel.

Akash: Thanks a lot. I think let’s start with questions directly.

Meghraj: Yes

Akash:  So the first question is what was your first bike?

Meghraj: I actually never owned a geared motorcycle. I was always riding on moped, but I had ridden other motorcycles like cbr250r and Ninja 300.Though I never owned any superbike or traditional bike. I was into biking but not on regular basis. So Z800 was my first actual bike which I had upgraded.

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Akash: And how did Z800 happen?

Meghraj: So basically one of my uncle is in automotive industry and he has contacts with among the people who provide sales and everything . So when the chord hit my mind that I wanted to get into super biking and I wanted to buy a bike. I contacted him and through him I met a few people who guided me which bike was suitable for me, which bike would be economically better and which bike was beginner friendly bike. So that is how I ended up with buying a Z800.

Akash: So how is your experience till date from when you got the bike?

Meghraj: So the first day when the bike was delivered I was too hyper .I was my first superbike, it was like a dream come true for me. So basically when I sat on my bike it was like sitting on monster. A monster that is totally in my control. Starting phase was bit scary like from upgrading from 4bhp moped to directly to a 120bhp it was scary journey during the start and I also have to admit the fact that Z800 is bit on heavier side when you compare with other nakeds. The weight has to be managed in such a way that it is very easy to drop the bike when you are at low speed. On high speed the bike is very nimble. But it is during the low speeds you have to be careful.

Akash: But the power to weight ratio is quite good.

Meghraj: Power to Weight ratio is very good when you are like you have to take tight turns or you are in traffic, not exactly the corners, during peak time heavy traffics you have to be bit careful because single wrong move you can drop the bike easily. The weight is not manageable when you lose control, unlike the other bike this bike is bit too heavy.

Akash: How is your experience with Kawasaki in terms of after sales?

Meghraj: Currently my bike has undergone 2 servicing. Kawasaki people are very good and lenient when it comes to bike service. The first servicing which was done and I had been to the servicing station which is near Wakdewadi. I had to wait around and an hour or two, the service was quick and they gave me feedback how the bike had performed and how I was riding it and what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right. Basically they helped me ride the bike better. The first servicing cost was around 7000, second servicing was around the same cost, so 7000 included spares and everything, oil change and labor cost inclusive of all taxes.

Akash : Any long journeys?

Meghraj: My hometown is Kurduwadi in district of Solapur which is around 180 kms from here, so I have done around 6, 7 trips out there. Journey is very good. But only problem is Z800 is naked bike, it is well suited for city riding and highway riding, you cross the threshold around 150 kms, windblast is not a major issue when you are at cruising speeds, if you are doing speed runs then windblast is major issue but if you are at cruising speed one thing you would notice is seat is bit too hard. So after around 100 kms of continuous riding you will need to take a break because it would actually get soar up.

Akash:  What would you like to tell to budding riders who are looking to buy new superbike from market?

Meghraj : Main thing I would tell them is research thoroughly before buying, and main thing I would totally suggest that don’t skip the middle weight section like first go for 300 ride it around a year, like never upgrade from, never do what I did. I upgraded from normal every day bike to a superbike that is not actually advisable. Fortunately I never ended up in a bad situation, but ya it took me lot of time to get adjusted to that amount of power. Power delivery though it is linear it is frightening, if you open the throttle in first gear the bike easily takes you to 100 kms and that can be scary 0 to 100 in around 3.5 to 4 secs is scary for regular riders. That is why do not skip when it comes to middle bikes.300 is must if you are upgrading it to superbike.

Akash: How about riding with the gear?

Meghraj: During morning time if it is long ride with gear, everything is good, gear is essential part when it comes to super biking you cannot just skip gear. But every time I am out biking even when I am in the city I always ride with gloves and helmet. Like these are the essential things, the bare minimum things you have to wear when you are on superbikes these bikes are not meant for road, these are actually racing machines tuned down so they can used on roads and we have to ride them very responsibly.120 bhp entire power output is on single wheel. One wrong move can take you to a very bad situation. Yes we have to be very careful when it comes to handling this bike.

Akash: How does your entire experience own Z800?

Meghraj: Entire experience owning z800 starting was bit shaky for me. The bike was heavy, it was powerful. I actually went into a phase of regret when I first bought the bike. This bike is not actually meant for me. I am around 5’6 inch so yes the seat height is bit too tall for me but I got used to ride it on a daily basis. Z800 is very good bike when it comes to beginners, it doesn’t punish you like when you make minor mistakes but yes you take time to adopt it. The moment you are confident you might pull up a speed run or do a good corner like if  sure you are going to do that just push yourself to 80% of it leave the 20% part to your faith. So it is very easy to go wrong and we have to be very responsible while riding it.

Akash: I think those were the questions that we wanted to know from the perspective of aspiring riders, beginner or amateur rider and what are the essentials when you sit on the bike. So you should be wearing gear that is another essential part. I think those were the 5 to 6 important questions as a superbike owner. Jumping from moped to a superbike. I would like to thank you for giving your time.

Meghraj: Thank you for this opportunity.

Akash: And thanks for being on this channel. Please do subscribe on our YouTube channel “LivingWithGravity”.

Meghraj: A big thumps up for this video from my side too.

Akash: Thanks a lot.

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