Exploring Maruti Suzuki’s Two New Upcoming SUVs

Discover Maruti Suzuki’s upcoming SUVs, the compact Y43 and the 3-row, 7-seater Y17, set to redefine the Indian market. Positioned strategically below the Brezza, the Y43 competes with Hyundai Exter and Tata Punch. Meanwhile, the Y17, based on the Grand Vitara, targets the Rs 15-25 lakh range, offering a potential strong-hybrid powertrain.

As Maruti Suzuki aims to regain a 50% market share, enthusiasts can anticipate a wider SUV selection, increased competition, and potential technological advancements. Stay informed about the launch window, expected between 2025 and 2027, and delve into the dynamic discussions shaping the automotive enthusiast community.

Y43 Compact SUV

Maruti Suzuki, India’s leading car manufacturer in terms of volumes, is reportedly in the process of developing two new SUVs for the Indian market, slated to be introduced within the next 2-3 years.



  • Maruti Suzuki is developing two new SUVs for the Indian market.
  • Y43: Compact SUV targeting Brezza’s segment, competing with Hyundai Exter and Tata Punch.
  • Y17: 3-row, 7-seater SUV based on Grand Vitara, priced in Rs 15-25 lakh range, might offer strong-hybrid option.


  • To expand market share in the booming SUV segment (currently 20%) beyond models like Fronx, Jimny, and Grand Vitara.
  • Aims to gain additional 2.5 lakh units in annual sales and reclaim 50% market share.


  • Launch expected between 2025 and 2027.

According to media reports, Maruti is working on a compact SUV (code-named Y43) positioned below the Brezza, aimed to compete with models like the Hyundai Exter and Tata Punch. The second model is a 3-row, 7-seater SUV (code-named Y17), based on the Grand Vitara, expected to be priced in the Rs 15-25 lakh range. The Y17 may also offer a strong-hybrid powertrain option.

Y17 7-Seater SUV

Impact on Car Enthusiasts

  • Wider Choice: Enthusiasts will have a broader selection within Maruti Suzuki’s SUV lineup, with the introduction of the compact SUV (Y43) and the 3-row, 7-seater SUV (Y17).
  • Competition and Comparison: The new models will contribute to increased competition in the SUV segment, allowing car enthusiasts to compare Maruti Suzuki’s offerings with existing models from competitors like Hyundai and Tata.
  • Technological Advancements: The potential inclusion of a strong-hybrid powertrain in the 3-row, 7-seater SUV (Y17) might appeal to enthusiasts interested in advanced automotive technologies.
  • Market Dynamics: The impact on car enthusiasts will also depend on how well Maruti Suzuki’s new SUVs perform in the market, influencing trends, preferences, and possibly encouraging other manufacturers to innovate.
  • Community and Engagement: Enthusiasts may engage in discussions, forums, and events centered around the new Maruti Suzuki SUVs, fostering a sense of community and shared interest.
  • Market Trends: The success of these models could influence future market trends, with other manufacturers possibly following suit in developing similar offerings.

Indian SUV market trends

Pros and Cons

Wider Choice of SUVsPotential market saturation with multiple models
Increased Competition in SUV SegmentUncertainty about the success of new models
Technological Advancements (Hybrid Option)Adoption challenges for hybrid technology
Potential for Market Trends InfluencePossible impact on resale value of existing models
Community Engagement OpportunitiesInitial skepticism until performance is proven
Influencing Other ManufacturersHigh expectations may lead to disappointment

Maruti Suzuki has successfully doubled its market share in the SUV segment to over 20%, credited to the introduction of models like the Fronx, Jimny, and Grand Vitara. The upcoming SUVs are envisioned to contribute to an additional 2.50 lakh units in annual sales as Maruti aims to reclaim a 50% market share.

Reports indicate a potential launch window for these new SUVs in the Indian market between 2025 and 2027.


Stay ahead in the world of automotive innovation! Keep a close eye on Maruti Suzuki’s exciting SUV developments – the compact Y43 and the 3-row, 7-seater Y17. Join the conversation, share your insights, and connect with fellow enthusiasts to discuss the upcoming models. Stay informed about the launch timeline, features, and market impact.

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