Some of the key features of the Ferrari Endurance book

  • 312 pages of high-quality prints and paper
  • A carbon fibre case made from the same material as Ferrari’s latest hypercars
  • An exclusive forward from Ferrari chairman John Elkann
  • A comprehensive overview of Ferrari’s endurance racing history from 1972 to the present day
  • Iconic moments, racers, and cars that defined Ferrari’s endurance racing history
  • Images of the 499P during its first race of the WEC 2023



Ferrari has released a highly sought-after book, Ferrari Endurance, which immortalizes the brand’s remarkable history in endurance racing. This release includes an exquisite carbon fibre case, meticulously designed by creative director Joel Berg. Constructed with the same material found in Ferrari’s latest hypercar, the case even features an intake resembling the iconic NACA duct on the Ferrari 512 BB.

John Elkann

The book boasts an exclusive forward from chairman John Elkann and coincides with Ferrari’s triumphant return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans after a fifty-year absence. This historic comeback resulted in Ferrari’s victory in June, dethroning long-standing rival Toyota.



High-Quality Prints

Inside the pages, readers will find a sturdy aluminium binding housing 312 pages of high-quality prints and paper. These pages meticulously chronicle Ferrari’s endurance racing journey from 1972 to the present day. This spans iconic moments, legendary racers, and the exceptional cars that have defined Ferrari’s legacy in endurance racing. Editor Jason Barlow has expertly curated these elements, crafting a narrative that captures Ferrari’s racing essence.


166 MM Barchetta

The book pays homage to significant figures like Luigi Chinetti, whose victory with the 166 MM Barchetta marked Ferrari’s inaugural win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1949. It also highlights contemporary achievements, featuring images of the 499P during its debut race in the WEC 2023 season.


99 Copies and Collector’s Item

Limited to a mere 99 copies, Ferrari Endurance is a collector’s dream. With a price tag of 19,000€ (~$20,600), this exclusive book symbolizes the fusion of racing history and artistic expression. Enthusiasts and collectors can inquire about availability directly through Ferrari’s official website, seizing the opportunity to own a tangible piece of automotive history that beautifully encapsulates Ferrari’s enduring legacy in the world of motorsport.

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