Ferrari’s Anti-Counterfeiting Program

Ferrari’s Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme engages enthusiasts in protecting the brand by reporting trademark violations. Enthusiasts play a vital role in deterring counterfeiters and strengthening brand integrity. However, the scheme’s vague rewards and limited eligibility may create uncertainty.

Enthusiasts feel a stronger connection to Ferrari’s commitment to authenticity but must act swiftly, as reports are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. Overall, the scheme enhances enthusiasts’ sense of involvement but presents challenges and uncertainties in reward fulfillment, ensuring both brand protection and enthusiast engagement.

Brand Protection

Ferrari has launched the “Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme,” aiming to incentivize individuals to identify and report activities that infringe upon Ferrari S.p.A.’s trademarks.


Trademark Violations

Here are the key points of Ferrari’s Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme:

Goal: Incentivize people to report trademark infringements on Ferrari products sold in physical stores.

Rewards: Vague, described as “a gift item” with no guarantee of value or type.

Reporting requirements: Provide details about the product, seller, and seller’s address.

Exceptions: No reward if info about seller is missing or Ferrari already knows about the seller.

Potential benefits: Increased vigilance, wider reach, improved brand image.

Potential downsides: Vague rewards, data privacy concerns, potential misuse, limited scope

Counterfeit Products

This initiative is part of Ferrari’s broader effort to protect its brand and intellectual property. Key aspects of this scheme are:

  • Eligibility and Participation: The scheme is open to anyone who identifies a product potentially infringing Ferrari’s trademarks in a commercial setting. However, legal entities and individuals under the age of 18 are not eligible. To participate, a report including the name and registered office of the company where the potentially infringing products are located, a short description of the infringement, and photographic evidence must be submitted through a dedicated form.
  • Nature of the Reward: The reward for participating in the scheme is a Ferrari gift item, the nature and value of which are determined at Ferrari’s discretion and subject to availability.
  • Eligibility of Reports: Reports must pertain to infringements that Ferrari is not already aware of. If multiple reports are submitted about the same infringement, only the first report in chronological order will be considered. Ferrari also reserves the right to investigate the authenticity and consistency of the reports, and any report found to be ineligible will not receive the gift item.
  • Notification and Receipt of the Gift Item: Participants who submit eligible reports will be notified via email with instructions on how to obtain the gift item. If no communication is received within 60 days, the report will be deemed ineligible. The gift item will be shipped to the address provided by the participant at Ferrari’s expense.
  • Modification of Terms: Ferrari reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the scheme at any time, and certain terms may be deemed invalid without impacting the remaining provisions.
  • Statutory Guarantees and Availability: Statutory guarantees apply to any defects in the gift items. Ferrari is not responsible if the gift item has been altered or is no longer available.
  • Option for Anonymous Reporting: Participants can choose to report anonymously, but this may impact Ferrari’s ability to process the request or provide the gift item.
  • Ferrari’s Commitment to Brand Protection: This scheme is part of Ferrari’s ongoing efforts to protect its brand image. The company has a history of taking decisive actions, such as blacklisting certain celebrities and enforcing strict policies against certain customization choices.
  • Public Awareness: The scheme was brought to public attention through a member of the FerrariChat forum who shared an email sent by Ferrari to its vehicle owners.

Enthusiast Engagement

The Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme has a notable impact on Ferrari enthusiasts:

Positive Impact:

  • Enhanced Involvement: Enthusiasts are more actively engaged in protecting the brand they love.
  • Deterrence: Potential infringers are discouraged, preserving the exclusivity of genuine Ferrari products.
  • Brand Loyalty: Enthusiasts feel a stronger connection to Ferrari’s commitment to authenticity.

Negative Impact:

  • Uncertainty: Vague rewards may disappoint enthusiasts who participate.
  • Eligibility: Some enthusiasts, such as those under 18, are excluded.
  • Competition: Reports are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis, potentially leading to missed rewards.

Overall, the scheme enhances enthusiasts’ sense of involvement but presents some challenges and uncertainties.


Pros and Cons of Ferrari’s Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme:

Enhanced Brand Protection:Ferrari’s initiative strengthens the protection of its trademarks and brand reputation by actively involving the public.Vagueness of Rewards:The nature and value of the rewards are not clearly defined, leading to potential uncertainty or disappointment for participants.
Public Engagement:Encourages brand enthusiasts and the general public to be vigilant against counterfeit products, fostering a community-driven approach to brand protection.Limited Eligibility and Scope:Excludes legal entities and minors, and focuses only on physical commercial settings, potentially overlooking online infringements.
Preventative Action:Acts as a deterrent against potential infringers, knowing that the public is incentivized to report trademark violations.Investigation Process:Reports are subject to Ferrari’s verification, which might delay the reward process or lead to rejection of valid reports.
Brand Loyalty and Publicity:Creates an opportunity for Ferrari to engage with its customers and fans, enhancing brand loyalty and receiving positive publicity.First-Come, First-Served Basis:Reports on already known infringements are ineligible for rewards, which could discourage participation over time.
Statutory Guarantees:Guarantees apply in case of defects in the gift items, ensuring quality and satisfaction for the participants.Potential for Abuse:There’s a risk that individuals might exploit the scheme for personal gain, reporting infringements solely to acquire the gift item.

Counterfeit Prevention

The Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme is a strategic move by the company to engage the public in safeguarding its trademarks and brand integrity, reinforcing its commitment to maintaining the exclusive and prestigious nature of its brand.


Enthusiasts, join Ferrari in safeguarding the brand you adore. Report trademark violations and contribute to the protection of Ferrari’s legacy. Your vigilance can deter counterfeiters and preserve the exclusivity of genuine Ferrari products. While rewards may be uncertain, your active participation strengthens the bond with the brand.

Act swiftly, as reports are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. Together, we can ensure the continued authenticity of Ferrari. Be a part of the Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme and help secure the future of this iconic brand.

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