Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Accessory Prices: What You Need to Know?

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Explore the latest accessories for the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, designed to enhance your riding experience. From adventure-ready panniers to robust protection gear, these accessories cater to diverse needs. The Himalayan 450’s accessory range, available through Royal Enfield’s official website, emphasizes customization and adventure, appealing to enthusiasts and adventure riders alike.

Discover the impact of these offerings on the Royal Enfield community, including the pros and cons of customization options, and delve into the world of enhanced motorcycling experiences with Royal Enfield’s dedicated accessory line for the Himalayan 450.

Himalayan 450 Customization

Royal Enfield has indeed updated its official website with a comprehensive list of accessories for the new Himalayan 450, including their prices. Among these accessories, the most expensive are the Black and Silver adventure panniers, priced at INR 32,950. Following these in price are the top box at INR 23,250 and the rally protection set, which includes a sump guard and engine guard, at INR 9,950.


Other accessories include large black engine guards for INR 4,750, an adventure screen at INR 3,450, and a headlight grille at INR 3,950. Additionally, touring mirrors and seats, similar to those offered for other bikes, are also available.

Adventure Motorcycle Gear

The official Royal Enfield website also lists various other accessories for the Himalayan 450. These include a black water-resistant bike cover for INR 1,100, a black touring passenger seat for INR 2,050, silver front reservoir caps for INR 800, black touring rider seats for INR 3,050, a navy water-resistant bike cover also for INR 1,100, silver and black oil cooler guards for INR 1,250 each, and a black master cylinder guard for INR 700.

Additionally, there are black adventure plus handlebars for INR 4,300, black adventure pannier rails for INR 3,800, black adventure handguards for INR 2,550, black bar end finishers for INR 1,200, a silver master cylinder guard for INR 700, a black handlebar brace pad for INR 600, and black compact engine guards for INR 1,450.

Royal Enfield Accessory Prices

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is also offered with a Rally Kit, which is distinct from the Adventure Kit. The Rally Kit focuses on making the bike more adventure-friendly and is tailored for trail use. It is important to note that the Rally Kit cannot be retrofitted on the stock Himalayan 450 due to homologation rules.

Motorcycle Touring Essentials

The key analysis of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450’s accessory offerings in India includes:

  • Diverse Accessory Range: Royal Enfield offers a wide range of accessories, from practical items like engine guards to comfort-enhancing features like touring seats.
  • Pricing Strategy: The pricing varies significantly, catering to different budgets and needs. The most expensive item is the adventure panniers, demonstrating an emphasis on adventure touring capabilities.
  • Rally Kit Availability: The Rally Kit is distinct, aimed at enhancing off-road capabilities. However, it’s not immediately available and can’t be retrofitted on the stock model, indicating a targeted approach towards a specific rider segment.
  • MIY Program Utilization: Accessories, especially exclusive ones like in the Rally Kit, are available through the MIY program, highlighting Royal Enfield’s commitment to customization and customer choice.
  • Market Positioning: These accessories, particularly the Rally Kit, position the Himalayan 450 as a versatile bike suitable for both touring and off-road adventures, broadening its appeal.
  • Customer Experience Focus: By offering a wide range of accessories through the official website and the MIY program, Royal Enfield enhances the customer experience, allowing for personalization and direct engagement with the brand.

Bike Personalization Options

The impact of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450’s accessory offerings on Royal Enfield enthusiasts can be significant:

  • Enhanced Customization: Enthusiasts now have more options to personalize their Himalayan 450s, aligning with their individual riding styles and preferences.
  • Adventure Riding Appeal: The diverse range of accessories, especially the Rally Kit, amplifies the bike’s appeal to adventure riders, a segment highly valued by enthusiasts.
  • Brand Loyalty and Engagement: Offering these accessories directly through Royal Enfield’s platforms may strengthen brand loyalty and encourage direct engagement with the brand.
  • Elevated Riding Experience: With accessories focused on comfort, safety, and performance, riders can enjoy an enhanced overall riding experience.
  • Financial Consideration: The cost of some premium accessories might be a concern for enthusiasts with budget constraints, impacting their decision-making.

Here’s a table outlining the pros and cons of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450’s accessory offerings:

Wide Range of AccessoriesHigh Cost for Some Items
Offers a diverse selection of accessories, catering to various needs and preferences.The most premium accessories, like the adventure panniers, are relatively expensive.
Customization and PersonalizationLimited Availability of the Rally Kit
The MIY program allows riders to customize their bikes, enhancing the ownership experience.The Rally Kit is not immediately available and cannot be retrofitted on the stock model.
Enhanced Adventure CapabilityCompatibility Issues
Accessories like the Rally Kit enhance the bike’s off-road and adventure capabilities.Some accessories, especially in the Rally Kit, have specific mounting points and cannot be retrofitted.
Direct Engagement with BrandPotential Overwhelm with Choices
Purchasing through the official website ensures authenticity and direct brand support.The extensive range of accessories might overwhelm some buyers, making decision-making challenging.
Focus on Practicality and ComfortFactory Fitment Limitations
Accessories like engine guards and touring seats focus on practicality and comfort.Some accessories are exclusive to the variant and come as factory fitments, limiting retrofit options.

Adventure Riding Enhancements

Buyers interested in the Rally Kit need to configure it through the Royal Enfield MIY (make it yours) program on the website. The Rally Kit includes exclusive items like the engine guard, seat, and rally soft pannier kit, which are different in their mounting points and come as a factory fitment.


Elevate your Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 experience! Visit Royal Enfield’s official website to explore the extensive range of accessories, tailor your ride to your adventurous spirit, and join the community of enthusiasts embracing the thrill of customization. Whether it’s for enhanced comfort, protection, or a touch of personal style, find the perfect additions to your Himalayan 450 and make every journey unforgettable. Start your adventure today!

For the most current and detailed list of available accessories and their prices, it’s advisable to visit the official Royal Enfield website.


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