Key Details

  • Name: Fisker Ronin
  • Type: Supercar
  • Market: Global
  • Size: Large
  • Powertrain: Three-motor electric
  • Availability: Late 2025
  • Year of Manufacturer: 2025
  • No of Seats: Four
  • Mileage: 600 miles

Key Points about the Fisker Ronin electric convertible

  • The Fisker Ronin is a limited-production supercar with a starting price of $385,000.
  • It will have a three-motor powertrain generating more than 1,000 hp, a 0-60 mph time of less than two seconds, 600 miles of range, and a top speed of 170 mph.
  • It will also have a retractable hardtop, butterfly doors, and a 17.1-inch touchscreen.
  • Only 999 examples will be produced, with deliveries starting in late 2025.

Fisker Ronin

Electric Supercar

The Fisker Ronin electric convertible exudes supercar-like exclusivity, perfectly complementing its hefty $385,000 price tag. Unveiled alongside other future models at its inaugural Product Vision Day, the Ronin is set to redefine luxury automotive standards. Fisker has unveiled further information, shedding light on launch timing and production volumes.

The highly anticipated deliveries are earmarked for a late 2025 commencement, with a limited production run of only 999 units. Reservations kicked off on August 3, allowing enthusiasts to secure their spot with a $2,000 deposit for the first reservation and a $1,000 deposit for the second.


Fisker Ronin


Beneath its sleek exterior, the Ronin packs a formidable three-motor powertrain that churns out over 1,000 horsepower, propelling the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in a breathtaking sub-two-second sprint. Impressively, the Ronin promises up to 600 miles of range on a single charge, paired with a scorching top speed of 170 mph.

Ronin’s retractable-hardtop design takes the concept of a convertible to new heights. It remarkably accommodates up to five passengers without compromising on cargo capacity. The cleverly integrated carbon-fibre roof may utilize some trunk space when folded, but this is offset by the inclusion of a front trunk (drunk).

Fisker Ronin

Butterfly Doors

Accessing the Ronin is a futuristic experience. Small rear-hinged butterfly doors and iconic front scissor doors provide effortless entry to both rows of seating. Swipe your hand or utilize your smartphone to gracefully open the front doors, while a single door handle extends to unveil the rear doors. For added convenience, all doors can be operated remotely via smartphone, including roof retraction.

Built on a robust aluminium space frame housing integrated battery cells, the Ronin stands on 23-inch carbon-fibre wheels and boasts a 17.1-inch touchscreen for cutting-edge infotainment.

Notably, the Ronin is one of three ambitious prototypes unveiled by Fisker on its Product Vision Day. Alongside it, the Force E off-road package for the Ocean crossover was showcased, as well as the Alaska pickup truck and the Pear urban runabout.

Fisker Ronin

Late 2025

The Ronin and its counterparts are slated for a 2025 debut, with the Pear aiming for an earlier release in the year, featuring a competitive base price of $29,900 before federal incentives. Production is anticipated at Foxconn’s Ohio factory, although final agreements were pending as of early August.


  • Limited production: Only 999 examples will be produced, making the Ronin a rare and exclusive supercar.
  • Electric: It is powered by a three-motor powertrain that generates more than 1,000 hp, making it one of the most powerful electric cars on the market.
  • Long range: Has a range of 600 miles, making it one of the most capable electric cars for long-distance driving.
  • Retractable hardtop: The Ronin has a retractable hardtop that allows drivers to enjoy the open air when the weather is nice.
  • Butterfly doors: Butterfly doors make getting in and out of the car easier and more stylish.
  • 17.1-inch touchscreen: Large touchscreen infotainment system that is easy to use and navigate.

Fisker Ronin


  • Expensive: The Fisker Ronin will have a starting price of $385,000, making it one of the most expensive electric cars on the market.
  • Limited availability: Only 999 examples of the Ronin will be produced, making it difficult to get your hands on one.
  • Unknown performance: The Fisker Ronin has not yet been tested, so it is unknown how it will perform in terms of acceleration, top speed, and handling.


The Fisker Ronin is a limited-production electric supercar that will be available in global markets in late 2025. It will be powered by a three-motor powertrain that generates more than 1,000 hp, with a 0-60 mph time of less than two seconds and a range of 600 miles. It will also have a retractable hardtop, butterfly doors, and a 17.1-inch touchscreen. Only 999 examples of the Fisker Ronin will be produced.

Fisker Ronin


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