Ford GT40

The Ford GT40, an iconic piece of automotive history, revolutionized endurance racing and solidified Ford’s reputation as a force on the international motorsports stage. Born from the fierce rivalry between Ford and Ferrari in the 1960s, the GT40 was Ford’s answer to European dominance in high-stakes sports car racing, particularly the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The GT40’s story is one of innovation, determination, and sheer American will. With its sleek, low-slung bodywork and potent performance, the GT40 combined advanced engineering, skilled drivers, and strategic genius to break Ferrari’s winning streak at Le Mans, achieving a historic 1-2-3 finish in 1966. This victory was not just a win for Ford but a demonstration of American automotive prowess on the world’s most prestigious endurance racing stage.

Beyond the racetrack, the GT40 was notable for its engineering. It featured a mid-engine layout, advanced aerodynamics for its time, and a series of powerful V8 engines. Ford produced several iterations, from the original Mk I to the ultimate Mk IV, each version introducing new enhancements and, often, greater power.


The Ford GT40 is indeed a legendary vehicle, not just for its engineering but also for its historical significance in the automotive and racing worlds. The model you’re referring to, the GT40 Mk I with the chassis P/1069, appears to have a rich history, having been a press car and also being showcased at a significant event like the Geneva Motor Show.

Here’s what potential buyers or enthusiasts might consider or find fascinating about this opportunity:

  • Historical Value: The GT40’s win at Le Mans in 1966, taking all three podium positions, broke Ferrari’s six consecutive wins and put Ford firmly on the map in international racing. Any genuine GT40, especially one in road trim and with a unique history like being a press car, carries immense historical value.
  • Provenance: This car’s detailed history, including its initial use by Ford, its showcase in Geneva, and its coverage in periodicals, adds to its provenance. Vehicles with a traceable and interesting history often hold greater value and allure for collectors.

Road Trim Specification

  • Original Features and Authenticity: Collectors prize originality. The fact that this GT40 was built with unique features for road use (like map pockets) and retains characteristics from its time as a press car can significantly enhance its desirability. Restoration to maintain authenticity, or preservation of original features, can also factor into the car’s value.
  • Public Appearances: The car’s presence at public events like historic races or shows at Goodwood makes it more prominent in the enthusiast community. Vehicles seen and photographed frequently often garner a following, potentially increasing interest and value.
  • Investment Opportunity: While the upfront cost for such a vehicle is undoubtedly high, classic cars, especially iconic models like the GT40, can appreciate over time. As an asset, they offer something tangible and enjoyable, unlike traditional investments.

Ford enthusiast

  • Exclusivity: With so few original models made, owning a GT40 puts someone in an extremely exclusive club. This level of exclusivity often drives competition among collectors, which can drive prices up.
  • Emotional Value: For many, the chance to own and preserve a piece of automotive history is a dream. The emotional value of becoming the caretaker of such a legacy cannot be overstated.

The listing’s lack of a public price and the suggestion that interested parties should be prepared with a substantial offer indicate the seller understands and appreciates the vehicle’s worth. They are likely seeking buyers who share this appreciation and can afford to become part of automotive history.


  • Genuine Ford GT40, one of only a few Mk I GT40s commissioned in “road trim” specification
  • Original press car from Ford’s UK fleet
  • Rich history, including participation in the 1967 Geneva Motor Show and various historic races and events
  • A rare and desirable sports car with a dedicated fan base
  • Likely to appreciate further in value in the years to come


  • Very expensive, with an asking price of nearly eight figures
  • High maintenance and running costs
  • Not practical for everyday use


Buyers interested in this GT40 should do detailed due diligence, potentially including verifying its history with experts, understanding any restoration work, and assessing its current condition in detail. They should also be prepared for the responsibilities of owning such a significant piece of history, including maintenance, insurance, and security.


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