Yadea E8S Pro -Electric Scooter

Yadea E8S Pro

Here are the key points of the Yadea E8S Pro electric scooter:

  • Price: RM5,999 (excluding road tax, registration and insurance)
  • Eligibility for the Electric Motorcycle Incentive Scheme in the 2024 Malaysian Budget (cash rebate of RM2,400.00 to buyers with an annual income of RM 120,000.00 or less)
  • Large graphene 72-volt battery pack with 38 Ah capacity
  • TTFAR technology for more efficient energy usage
  • 2 kW motor driving the rear wheel via belt drive
  • Torque of 140 Nm
  • Two ride modes – Eco and Sport
  • Disc brakes front and rear
  • Telescopic forks in front and a shock absorber in the rear
  • 32-litre storage compartment under the seat
  • Seat height of 740 mm
  • Three colour options – Space Grey, Matte Sea Blue and Black
  • Approved by JPJ Malaysia and is eligible for registration

The introduction of the 2023 Yadea E8S Pro electric scooter in Malaysia represents a significant step forward in the country’s movement towards more sustainable transportation options.

Here’s a more in-depth look at what this means for consumers and the local market:

  • Affordability and Incentives:
  • At RM5,999, the Yadea E8S Pro is positioned in the market to be reasonably affordable, especially considering its high-tech features. The government’s Electric Motorcycle Incentive Scheme significantly contributes to this, offering a substantial RM2,400.00 cash rebate, making the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) more feasible for individuals with an annual income of RM 120,000.00 or less. This price point, combined with the rebate, lowers the entry barrier for many people who might be considering their first EV purchase.

Electric Scooter

  • Technology and Efficiency:
  • The E8S Pro’s incorporation of a large graphene 72-volt battery pack highlights the advancements in battery technology, potentially offering riders longer ranges and more efficient energy use, especially with the touted TTFAR technology. The use of graphene could also indicate improved battery longevity and faster charging times, though these specifics would need to be confirmed by real-world usage and reviews.
  • The scooter’s performance features, including the 2 kW motor and its impressive 140 Nm of torque, promise a solid performance that can likely cater to the daily commuting needs of the average rider. The inclusion of Eco and Sport modes provides riders with the option to prioritize energy conservation or performance based on their immediate requirements.
  • Safety and Convenience:
  • Disc brakes on both wheels ensure reliable stopping power, a crucial safety aspect for riders in urban environments. The suspension system promises a balance of comfort and control on various road conditions.
  • Practical features such as the 32-litre under-seat storage add everyday convenience, making it easier for riders to use the scooter for a variety of tasks, including shopping or transporting items.


  • Market Impact and Environmental Contribution:
  • The availability of EVs like the Yadea E8S Pro aligns with global trends toward environmental conservation. Reducing the reliance on fossil fuels for transportation is a critical step in lowering carbon emissions. As more people in Malaysia adopt electric scooters or motorcycles, there will likely be a cumulative positive effect on the country’s environmental goals.
  • This release, coupled with government incentives, could spur further interest and investment in the EV market from both consumers and businesses. It might prompt competitors to introduce more EVs, potentially leading to a broader range of options and more advanced technologies becoming available.

Affordable and Efficient

  • Consumer Response and Future Trends:
  • The scooter’s reception by the public and its sales performance will provide insights into the Malaysian market’s readiness for a larger-scale transition to electric vehicles. This could influence policy decisions and the future direction of the automotive and transportation sectors in the country.
  • As infrastructure for EVs (like charging stations) becomes more widespread and technological advancements continue, consumer confidence and interest in such sustainable options are expected to grow.


The launch of the 2023 Yadea E8S Pro in Malaysia is not just about a new vehicle being available for purchase. It represents a step toward a more sustainable future, reflecting global trends in transportation and environmental consciousness. It also serves as a litmus test for consumer readiness and market adaptations necessary for the broader adoption of electric vehicles.


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