Harley-Davidson X500: The US Invasion Starts Now?

Top key points

  • Harley-Davidson has published a service manual for the 2024 Harley-Davidson X500 on its official website, with verbiage related to US emissions and instructions for VIN decoding.
  • This is solid evidence that Harley has plans to bring the X500 to the US in some capacity, but it is not clear how Harley intends to bring it here or when it will be available.


The Harley-Davidson X500, a motorcycle that has been generating curiosity and speculation among enthusiasts, is at the centre of discussions regarding its potential entry into the US market. With Harley-Davidson’s history and the ever-evolving dynamics of the motorcycle industry, questions have arisen about whether the X500 would find its way onto American roads. In this article, we delve into the recent developments and intriguing evidence that suggest Harley-Davidson has plans for the X500 in the US, despite the company’s prior experiences with the Street 500. We explore what this might mean for both the motorcycle and the US market in 2023.

Harley-Davidson X500

If you’ve been following the rollout of the Harley-Davidson X500 as it rolls out around the world, you might have wondered if it would make its way to the US market. Also, if it did come, when should we expect it?

The last time Harley-Davidson released a 500cc bike in this market was the Street 500, and sales didn’t meet the company’s expectations. That was several years ago, but is the US in 2023 a different enough place for the X500 to make sense? Some of that depends on the bike itself, but other factors depend on riders, pricing, and marketing.


US market

However, as of October 11, 2023, there is solid evidence that Harley has plans to bring the X500 to the US in some capacity. As the inestimable Dennis Chung at Motorcycle.com noted, the official Harley-Davidson Service Information Portal has just posted a service manual for the 2024 Harley-Davidson X500.

The existence of an English-written manual isn’t convincing on its own. But if you start skimming its contents, you’ll find the usual information that you find in other motorcycle owner’s manuals in 2023. That includes sections about compliance with US emissions requirements, both of the 49-state and California varieties.

Manuals for both the 2024 X500 and X350 currently sit on the Harley SIP portal, available for anyone interested in downloading. Links to both manuals are included in our Sources so you can peruse them for yourself if you’re interested.

Potential entry

Most notably, both the X500 and X350 manuals have sections to help owners decode their vehicle identification numbers (VINs) on both bikes. The tables and information displayed are almost identical in both manuals, with the sole exception being a table with VIN Model Codes in the X350 manual.

As a reminder, previously learned that Harley planned to import the X350 to the US as a training model for use at motorcycle schools, not as a retail model for sale to the public.

Curiosity and speculation

There’s no official indication as yet regarding how Harley might intend to bring the X500 here. Is it another training model? That’s possible. Will it try to market a smaller-displacement bike to younger, newer riders once again? We’d never say never unless Harley does, but we’ll add a caveat here that there hasn’t been anything official from Harley on that front yet.


In the ever-evolving world of motorcycles, the potential arrival of the Harley-Davidson X500 in the US market remains a captivating topic. While recent evidence suggests Harley-Davidson’s plans for this intriguing bike, the exact nature of its introduction remains shrouded in uncertainty.

As enthusiasts eagerly await official announcements, the X500 represents the ever-persistent spirit of innovation and adaptation within the motorcycle industry. Whether it serves as a training model or a new offering for a changing generation of riders, the future of the X500 in the US is a story that continues to unfold, keeping the motorcycle community on the edge of their seats.

2024 Harley-Davidson X500 Owner’s Manual2024 Harley-Davidson X350 Owner’s Manual

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