Hazan Motorworks: What Apple is for Creativity, Hazan is for Custom Motorcycles

Hazan Motorworks: What Apple is for Creativity, Hazan is for Custom Motorcycles

Hazan MotorWorks was started in the year 2012 and the name now is synonym across the globe for handmade custom motorcycles.

Max was busy with his schedule when I started having dialogue with him and he said why I don’t give him a call after his meeting while he is commuting from a city and that way he can talk on his ideas and stuff about how he has built his customs.

While I was talking with Max on phone i was looking forward to write down his views and his ideas about how he builds customs which are not only aesthetically beautiful but then they push you to think WOW can these types of customs be build? While having conversation on phone I said to Max

“Max I saw pictures of  your Supercharged KTM going viral on the internet few years ago and i felt at that moment that i wanted to talk to the person who had built this bike and i believe this is the moment and Max started laughing…”

While talking to Max he also said that he gets lot of emails to build customs for Royal En-fields from India.

Below is the fantastic conversation that i had with Max on phone.

1.How did Hazan motor works Started? Let me know little history about it?

Max Hazan: I was born in Long Island, NY, 1981, and lived in NYC until 2012 when I and my wife Sarah made the move to Los Angeles where Hazan Motorworks is currently based. It all started when I met with an accident while riding motorcycle and I was unable to walk for a few months.

While recovering I was getting bored and started building motorcycles which was put in friend’s clothes store in Los Angeles and it immediately got sold. Then again I build one more and then again the second motorcycle sold off within few days. That’s when my Father realized my potential and he said to me that he will help me in terms of funding but he had given me a strict deadline of a year .

If things don’t work I need to find something else to work. So i rented a small shop space in Brooklyn and with the support of my family was able to form Hazan Motorworks and make my full-time profession.


1938 Jap 500

2. There’s a lot of creativity that you put in your custom motorcycles. How do you imagine about the designs?

Max Hazan: I usually start with an engine or a part of a motorcycle that is attractive to me, I literally put that on the table and stare at it until the ideas come, I don’t look at other motorcycles for ideas.

This not only motivates me to think in various different ways but for me i myself become more creative when it comes to motorcycle designs and implementation.

So what you see in the end is 60% of staring the bikes and 40% of actually building them. That’s where the creativity comes from. And i don’t like to look at other custom motorcycles as to how they are build. This shrugs the creativity.



3. What are the three most important factors according to you while building customs?

Max Hazan: I think creativity is one of those factors which i would rate high if the motorcycles are unique in design i think they attract the visual appeal of many people and then comes design and implementation.

-Don’t be afraid to take a risk and fail.-Never avoid doing something because it is challenging or is a lot of work, if it’s the right thing to do, do it
-Step outside of your comfort zone, it forces your brain to be creative and focus harder.44.jpg BSA 500 Black

4. Challenges that you face while building customs?

Maz Hazan: The ideas are the biggest challenge, building the bike is the easy part!  I spend much more time trying to figure out the best possible design/idea than actually making them into reality…I’ve been lucky to have been a pretty fast learner but most of the time I am doing everything for the first time and have to figure things out as I go.

5. What according to you is good custom motorcycle?

Max Hazan: According to me Creativity and a Uniqueness are two factors which will give birth to good custom motorcycle.  Say as much as you can in as few words as possible, simple and elegant.


Supercharged Ironhead

6. What are your future plans in terms of building bikes? Will you adopt different method to build motorcycles

Max Hazan: Right now i would like to build what i am doing but when it comes to future i may plan to adopt different style of building motorcycles.

7. How do i see Hazan Motorworks after 5 years down the line?

Max Hazan: Every bike that I create is 1 of 1, made by my own 2 hands here in my workshop, each bike is unique and never replicated.  I push myself to make something new with every project and build the most interesting designs that I can think of in the most elegant way possible. So you will see lot more creativity from Hazan Motorworks in future.

8. How do you spend your leisure time?

Max Hazan: Well i ride my Bevel Ducati 900 in my leisure time on tracks because i feel roads are not that safe on big Sportbikes to ride these days. Apart from that i like to Surf on the LA Beaches.

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Courtesy : Max Hazan 

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