Hero MotoCorp's Electric Leap: Introducing the V1 Coupe to the Sustainable Mobility Market

Hero MotoCorp’s Electric Vida V1 Coupe

In recent years, the rise of electric two-wheelers has revolutionized urban mobility, presenting an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation. The global market has witnessed a significant influx of these vehicles, a trend that’s notably evident at prestigious motorcycle trade shows such as EICMA. EICMA 2023 has showcased a plethora of electric models, and one that stands out is the latest offering from Hero MotoCorp — the Vida V1 Coupe.

This vehicle represents Hero MotoCorp’s venture into the electric scooter segment under its Vida brand, which is dedicated exclusively to electric mobility solutions. The V1 Coupe is a stylish and practical commuter scooter, aiming to combine aesthetic appeal with functional design, tailored specifically for urban transportation.

Electric Scooter

Hero MotoCorp’s entry into the electric two-wheeler market with its Vida brand demonstrates a strategic move in the industry as it continues to shift towards sustainability and electric mobility.


Key Features of the Vida V1 Coupe

  • Cruise control
  • Keyless ignition
  • Large, seven-inch, full-color TFT display
  • Boost Mode for extra thrust
  • 0-40 kmph (0-25 mph) in 3.2 seconds
  • Top speed of 80 kmph (50 mph)
  • Four ride modes: Eco, Ride, Sport, and Custo

Urban Commuter Scooter

The introduction of the Vida V1 Coupe is especially noteworthy for several reasons:

  • Market Positioning: The choice of the name “Coupe” for a two-wheeler is quite innovative and serves as a marketing strategy to position the vehicle as sleek, sporty, and unique. This aligns with a segment of consumers who are looking for stylish yet eco-friendly urban transportation solutions.
  • Design Flexibility: The ability to transform from a single saddle to a dual-seater adds a layer of versatility that can appeal to a broader market. Riders who prioritize aesthetics but occasionally need the practicality of carrying a passenger or additional luggage could find this feature particularly attractive.
  • Technological Features: The inclusion of upmarket features like cruise control, keyless ignition, and a large TFT display indicates that Hero MotoCorp is aiming to compete in the premium segment of electric scooters. The Boost Mode is a notable addition for those seeking an agile and responsive riding experience, particularly in dense urban environments.
  • Performance and Efficiency: While the top speed is modest, it is apt for its intended use as an in-city commuter. The acceleration is competitive, making it suitable for quick starts at traffic lights and nimble urban manoeuvring. The four ride modes also show a commitment to allowing riders to customize their experience and manage battery life according to their needs.
  • Market Launch and Pricing: The planned launch in India followed by an expected global rollout speaks to Hero MotoCorp’s ambition to be a significant player in the electric vehicle (EV) space not just locally but internationally. The Vida V1 Coupe is expected to make itself available, initially in India, by 2024. The retail price is expected to be slightly higher than the V1 Pro’s Rs 125,000, or about $1,512 USD.

Electric Two-Wheeler

When considering the Vida V1 Coupe electric scooter by Hero MotoCorp, we can weigh its advantages and disadvantages to better understand its potential impact on the market and its suitability for consumers.


  • Eco-Friendly: As an electric scooter, the V1 Coupe offers a green alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles, helping to reduce emissions and pollution in urban environments.
  • Innovative Design: The scooter’s ability to switch between a single saddle and a dual-seater adds versatility to its design, making it both stylish and practical for different user needs.
  • Advanced Technology: With features such as cruise control, keyless ignition, and a seven-inch TFT display, the V1 Coupe integrates technology that enhances the riding experience and convenience.
  • Performance: The Boost Mode for quick acceleration and multiple riding modes allows riders to adapt the scooter’s performance to their riding style and to maximize battery efficiency.
  • Urban Mobility: Its size and performance are optimized for city use, making it ideal for navigating through traffic and for short to medium urban commutes.
  • Brand Trust: Hero MotoCorp’s reputation and established market presence can be reassuring for customers looking for reliability and quality after-sales service.


  • Limited Top Speed: The top speed of 80 kilometres per hour might not be suitable for highways or for riders looking for a more high-performance two-wheeler.
  • Range Anxiety: As with most electric vehicles, potential buyers may be concerned about the scooter’s range and the availability of charging infrastructure, especially for longer trips.
  • Price Point: While aimed at being relatively affordable, the price tag might still be higher compared to traditional scooters, which could be a barrier for some buyers.
  • Weight: Electric scooters can be heavier than their gasoline counterparts due to the battery, which could affect handling and portability.
  • Battery Replacement Costs: Over time, the scooter will require battery replacements, which can be a significant hidden cost depending on the battery’s life span and price.
  • Market Readiness: The infrastructure for electric vehicles is still developing in many areas, which could affect the practicality of owning and operating an electric scooter like the V1 Coupe.

EICMA 2023 Electric Urban Mobility

The Vida V1 Coupe, like all vehicles, offers a mix of advantages and drawbacks. Its success will likely depend on the balancing of these factors against the backdrop of evolving consumer preferences and the expanding infrastructure for electric vehicles.


The Vida V1 Coupe is a testament to Hero MotoCorp’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the electric two-wheeler market. By introducing sophisticated features like cruise control, a keyless ignition system, a vivid TFT display, and a unique Boost Mode, the V1 Coupe is poised to set a new standard for electric scooters in urban environments.

With its strategic positioning, flexible design, and tailored ride modes, it embodies the evolving needs of modern commuters who prioritize both style and substance. As Hero MotoCorp gears up for the launch of the V1 Coupe in India with a vision for global reach, it is clear that the company is not just participating in the electric revolution; it’s aiming to be at the forefront, driving the charge towards a more sustainable and efficient future in two-wheeled transportation.

Overall, the Vida V1 Coupe’s launch is a reflection of the growing diversity in the electric two-wheeler segment, with manufacturers not only focusing on the environmental benefits of electric mobility but also on design innovation, technological integration, and consumer lifestyle trends. It will be interesting to see how the market responds to this new offering and how it will compete with other electric two-wheelers that are being unveiled in events like EICMA 2023.

Hero MotoCorp

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