HJC, a renowned helmet manufacturer, is back at it with their graphic options, this time for the HJC RPHA 1, known as the RPHA 1N in the United States. The highlight is the Joker’s smile, making this helmet a must-have for fans of Batman’s infamous antagonist.

Collaborative Ventures:

HJC is no stranger to collaborations. Their repertoire includes works with Marvel Comics, racers like Fabio Quartararo, racing teams like Red Bull, and DC Comics. It’s evident they don’t shy away from featuring any character on their helmets, heroes or villains.

Historical Context:
The Joker is not making his debut on an HJC helmet. His sinister grin first adorned the RPHA 11 sport helmet three years ago. Now, the villainous graphic has migrated to the RPHA 1. I previously reviewed the RPHA 1 with its Red Bull graphic and was left in awe. Beyond its sporty aerodynamics and robust build, how this helmet wears a graphic is commendable.


Helmet Specifications:

  • Safety: Certified by FIM, ECE 22.06 approved – built for the racetrack.
  • Construction: Boasts HJC’s Premium Integrated Matrix Plus shell that integrates Carbon and Carbon-Glass Hybrid fabrics, resulting in a “Shock-Resistant” protection layer.
  • Ventilation: With the Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACS) and the included Pinlock 120 Max Vision insert, visor fogging is a thing of the past.
  • Additional Features: Clear spoiler, quick-drying cool-comfort lining, emergency-release cheek pads, speaker pockets for communication systems, eye-glass channels, and tear-off films for immediate race readiness.


Price Point:
The helmet comes with a price tag of 999 EUR, translating to approximately $1,060 USD. While the price might raise some eyebrows, it’s reasonable given the helmet’s quality and the exclusive Joker graphic.

Pros of the HJC RPHA 1 Joker helmet:

  • FIM-Homologated and built for the race track
  • Premium Integrated Matrix Plus shell with Carbon and Carbon-Glass Hybrid fabrics for protection
  • Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACS)
  • Pinlock 120 Max Vision insert
  • Optional clear spoiler
  • Quick-drying cool-comfort lining
  • Emergency-release cheek pads
  • Speaker pockets for comms systems
  • Eye-glass channels
  • Tear-off films included
  • Unique Joker graphic

Cons of the HJC RPHA 1 Joker helmet:

  • Pricey
  • The graphic may not be to everyone’s taste


The HJC RPHA 1 Joker helmet is a testament to HJC’s commitment to quality, safety, and style. The incorporation of iconic figures from popular culture, like the Joker, demonstrates their expertise in merging functional design with aesthetic appeal. With advanced safety features, innovative construction, and impeccable design, this helmet is not only a protective gear but also a collector’s item for enthusiasts.

While the price may seem steep at first glance, it offers value for money, especially for those who prioritize both form and function. As HJC continues to push the boundaries with their collaborations, one can only anticipate what graphic they’ll come out with next. Batman fans, keep your fingers crossed and perhaps, just maybe, the Bat Signal might work its magic!

With the Joker’s presence now evident, Batman fans may wonder if HJC might release a helmet with the Dark Knight’s visage. Maybe it’s time to light up the Bat Signal for that!

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