Helmet standards for street riders have become stricter because of technological advances. And it’s just a matter of time before the FIM enacts standards more stringent for World Superbike and MotoGP racers as well. 

So, if you want to be torched with the latest and greatest in helmet technology.And you expect to be able to afford it — hop on to the HJC website and check out the all-new RPHA 1 helmet.


As you probably know, the said helmet standard is called the “FIM Standard” ( International Motorcycling Federation). This new standard is an update to FIM certification for top-level competition that took effect in 2019.  


The new standard incorporates oblique testing at an angle of 45 degrees.Which means the helmet will have different thicknesses for absorbing direct impact versus indirect impact. 

This requirement has led to HJC’s new RPHA1 helmet, video above. The RPHA1 was designed using deep research and high-quality materials.

What do you get?

But that’s all changing now, thanks to the HJC RPHA-1. Homologation from the FIM means this helmet comes with central structural integrity nearly on par with a helmet made for racing. 

Because of this, you’ll get a performance fit almost as snug as you would from a higher-end race helmet. 

And you’ll also get a premium level of protection that an extra-cost option isn’t going to give you.

While most helmets cost above $1000.The HJC RPHA 1 is the helmet for riders looking to have the most up-to-date head protection on the market while still maintaining comfort and style. 

And arrives at $700 further, the new RPHA 1 helmet takes inspiration from MotoGP and WSBK racers. Including the world champions aboard their bikes, wear under their helmets. 



It may be a coincidence that most motorcyclists are also HJC helmet owners.But it’s called synergy, not a coincidence.

The RPHA 1 is a phenomenal helmet. From the fit to its quick-change shields. This is a flagship offering from HJC that’s been packed with features and technology. 

The helmet’s shell is constructed from a proprietary HJC material called Premium Integrated Matrix Plus. 

PIM+ has been used in HJC’s premium line for a while now.But the 1 takes it a step further thanks to a few added advantages.

The size of the helmet range from 2XS to 2XL.And has a good amount of ventilation, breath deflector, aero spoiler, and chin curtain. Further, HJC has put aero spoiler, an easy visor that can quickly put on.


via HJC Europe , FIM


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