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HJC Marvel Helmets

Collection of HJC the top manufacturer is growing. As now they have several helmets that depict Marvel, Star Wars and Disney designs. However, the RPHA 11 HJC Marvel Carnage is a new design. Venom design is very well-liked. HJC now plans to bring a new full-face helmet RPHA 11 Marvel Carnage that is more colourful […]Read More

Custom made Predator style helmets from Indonesia

These custom made predator style special handmade helmets that come from Indonesia are build professionally. When you come across these helmets all, we could think of the 1987 Predator science fiction movie that starred Arnie.As a military guy who, along with the team, is on a mission to save hostages in the guerrilla-held territory in Central America.  […]Read More

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