Suzuki is currently celebrating their 100th anniversary.And to commemorate it, the company will release a helmet based on the Arai RX-7. 

This commemorative design is limited to just 100 helmets worldwide. Only 30 are earmarked for sale in Japan via lottery. The rest will see exposure in other countries.

It’s commonly known that Japan releases unique edition products in celebration events and milestones.


However, what is less widely known is just because a product is released in Japan. Doesn’t mean it won’t be available elsewhere. 



At the same time, it is implementing complex rules for anyone who wants to purchase one. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting release from Suzuki. And what you need to do to get one of those limited-edition helmets.

For 70 helmets.You will have to connect to your local Suzuki dealers. As the lottery for 30 helmets will be only for people residing in Japan. And Suzuki won’t ship the helmets outside Japan.

To purchase, you need to apply from the lottery application form conducted by Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (from now on referred to as “our company”).

From those who have applied, 30 people (10 people for each size, M, L, XL) will be decided by a strict lottery.

Would you please fill out the lottery application form according to the following procedure and apply if you would like to purchase?

The sales contract for this helmet is not established by the lottery application form. But only by performing the prescribed procedure from the purchase procedure form sent to the winners.


  • Lottery application period: January 11, 2022-January 25, 2022
  • Lottery announcement date: January 31, 2022

There are specific prerequisites for the application

  • Card card that Suzuki will accept
  • For minors, you will need parents consent

Suzuki will announce the winner on January 31, 2022.And the winner will be communicated through email.

The price of this helmet is around to be ¥143,000 ($1,261). However, we are still not clear about the cost of this helmet in other markets.

via Suzuki 


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