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Which is better Suzuki Access 125 or TVS NTorq 125

During the last couple of years, India has witnessed a demand surge for 125cc scooters, to such an extent that 5 out of 10 scooters in the country are from the 125 cc segment.  Suzuki Access 125 dominates the category, and TVS Ntorq 125 is the second most popular. The relatively new TVS Ntorq 125 […]Read More

Suzuki Burgman electric again spied on roads to arrive soon

Reports have surfaced the Suzuki Burgman scooter could be getting an electrically powered brother. Here you can see the prototype for this exciting model. The last we saw the Burgman electric spied was in January 2021. The Burgman electric comes as a reliable and stylish urban commuter that features beautiful detailing. It’s easy to ride, […]Read More

Suzuki and Haojue unveil the new 2021 GSX-S300

In China, Haojue and Suzuki, the two motorcycle brands, are developed by Haojue Holdings. The two motorcycle brands came together intending to develop small-displacement motorcycles. Suzuki has unveiled the new GSX-S300, which will go head-on against Honda CB 300F and Yamaha MT-03. Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 Earlier, Suzuki India did confirm about there plans to launch a naked bike in the […]Read More

Suzuki to provide Hayabusa 2021 rear cowl to selected buyers

Hayabusa is among the fascinating motorbikes. To get this fantastic bike Suzuki Motorcycle India has notified a specific number of Hayabusa 2021 buyers. Will have the opportunity to get the rear cowl free of cost.  The offer is for the first hundred buyers of the Hayabusa 2021. The people who wish to ride Hayabusa with a […]Read More

The new patent shows Suzuki in the process to build

News of Suzuki’s turbocharger project came last in 2013. However, Suzuki has kept mum about their project since then. Suzuki reveals more on its 2021 Hayabusa Triumph unveils new 2021 Street Twin Triumph India unveiled its new Bonneville Street Twin Turbo project By the way, turbo-related patents are regularly filed for recursion engines, and Suzuki has […]Read More

Suzuki unveils the much-acclaimed new 2021 GSX-S1000

The new GSX-S1000 combines aggressive looks, relentless torque, exhilarating handling and enhanced electronics for an adrenaline-fuelled ride on every street. Sharper. Stronger. Smarter. The complete Street machine. Born of race-winning, track-proven DNA and raised for the street. The honed physique of the new GSX-S1000 morphs it into an even tighter and more special package that […]Read More

Suzuki Vietnam unveils the new Raider R150 2021

The new Suzuki Raider R150 2021 was developed based on Suzuki’s advanced technology applied to large-displacement sports motorcycles. Engine Raider R150 possesses outstanding technology and utility with 150cc, DOHC, four strokes, four-engine block. Valve, 6-speed, 18.5 hp and liquid-cooled motor for powerful riding and optimum performance. Suzuki to change the colours of its Gixxer 150 and […]Read More

What to expect from the new 2021 Suzuki GSX-S1000?

Suzuki has unveiled the teaser of its new GSX-S1000 on its YouTube channel. And mind well, we do see wings on the new GSX-S1000. These wings will provide lightness and high performance to the bike. In case of high speed, the wings are responsible for holding the tires down. The new teaser of Suzuki GSX-S1000 It also […]Read More

New colours to be released for the Suzuki, Adventure Tourer

New colours to be released for the Suzuki, Adventure Tourer V-Strom 650. Suzuki is all set to change the colouring of the Adventure Tourer V-Strom 650 and release it in Japan on 12th March 2021.  The V-Strom shares common attributes and features of the sports tourer called the “Dr-Big”, which was released back in 1988.  Honda […]Read More

Suzuki to change the colours of its Gixxer 150 and

Suzuki to bring its Gixxer 150cc in new shades. While all the performance specifications remain as is. Gixxer 150 lightweight and compact SEP engine of 154 cm 3. The long-stroke (56.0mm x 62.9mm) engine combines high medium- and low-speed torque with fuel efficiency, creating a pleasant acceleration feeling. The stylishly designed muffler has dual muffler […]Read More

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