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Suzuki is to launch its first electric scooter in 2024. Suzuki is well behind the curve on the electric front. Many other companies have already unveiled or are nearing the release of their electric scooters and motorcycles. 

Two wheeler ins

This strategy and product plan announcement is designed to provide insight into Suzuki’s plans for the future and how they intend to achieve them.

This will put the Japanese manufacturer in direct competition with the most prominent players in India’s electric two-wheeler segments.


Electric Access

There is a lot of hope riding on the new Suzuki Access electric scooter. The idea might sound strange, considering the Scoter and Burgman range has been providing Suzuki with great success in the Indian market. 

It would be more appropriate to say Burgman while talking about Suzuki’s premium segment and Scoter in the middle-heavyweight segment. 

However, two-wheelers have become challenging since demonetisation took place in November 2016. Pushing prices below Rs 1 lakh has put a lot of strain on volumes and profitability. In that regard, Suzuki can’t afford to ignore the possibility of introducing an e-scooter in its product portfolio. 

Electric Suzuki

While recently, spy images of a potential Suzuki electric two-wheeler leaked. The information revealed the Suzuki electric scooter prototype, but there are multiple reasons why we believe it is an electric Access.

The name Acecess is very famous and sold Suzuki’s highest-selling scooter. On the other hand, Access is less expensive than Burgman, and Access electric scooter two-wheeler will have an entry-level position below the electric Burgman Street.

Electric energy

The fact that the flagship scooter from a major manufacturer is being developed with an electric powertrain indicates how serious the industry has become towards adopting battery-powered two-wheelers.

Further, Suzuki plans to embrace electric two-wheelers fully but will keep ICE motorcycles intact. Suzuki revealed the company’s plans to launch eight electric models by 2030, including a scooter and some high-end motorcycles.

Source: Bikewale

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