The British motorcycle industry is, by in large, a thing of the past. While Norton and BSA still exist, they are no longer “British”. Brough Superior went down over the years until French entrepreneur Thierry Henriette rescued it and brought the rights.

Now its place as one of the great marques of the past is secure.There are 100 plans for producing classic-looking bikes based on their classic motor.

Brough Superior has been the most coveted British motorcycle manufacturer since setting up shop in 1908. Brough Superior is a traditional brand that never followed trends and forged its path. 


Now, returning to their roots. Brough has taken another classic cruiser and given it a modern spin by introducing the Nefud Scrambler. 


Nefud Scrambler

Brough Superior’s new Nefud Scrambler delivers luxury, style, and a modicum of the off-road capability to riders who may have spent their time on the road.

The Nefud departs from the company’s standard scramblers by having a large skid plate, high-mounted exhaust pipes, and a protective headlight grill.

Your motorcycling imaginations may need to be adjusted ever so slightly. There are only two wheels beneath the Nefud Scrambler’s bodywork. But that hasn’t stopped Brough Superior from giving it a Lawrence-inspired adventure-touring makeover.

It might think of an ambitious effort by Brough Superior to carve out a unique niche for its latest scrambler creation as hubris or possibly just wishful thinking. After all, the Nefud isn’t the kind of bike that would warrant special treatment from Brough Superior. 


At least, not usually. But this is no ordinary scrambler, and with the new Lawrence of Arabia movie bringing a renewed interest in historical figures like T.E. Lawrence, there’s a lot can do with the Brough Superior brand and the name Lawrence.

Nefud gets a 88-degree, 977cc V-twin liquid cool engine and it churns 102 horsepower,64 lb-ft of torque,further it comes supported by Michelin Anakee Wild tires.

With an estimated price tag of around $73,350, the Lawrence-based Nefud scrambler is positioned to be a premium purchase.

via BroughSuperior

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