A customised and unique motorcycle is like a fingerprint – every person has one.

These machines are the embodiment of their creator – though sometimes it seems, there are more rules than ways to modify a bike.


And these boundaries are hard to change. But can indeed change everything in this world with your particular vision and persistence.

There was a time. It seemed when all custom bike builders were from the West. In the 1960s, American and European bikers would sell their hogs to Japanese enthusiasts, who would then strip away everything and rebuild the bikes their way.

The term chopper was born in this era. Today, designing customs can be as diverse as the people doing it.


Talking about custom projects, the Indonesian-based Kromworks is quickly becoming a name to keep an eye on. As the guys have just finished their build, we thought it’d be a good idea to take a closer look at it.

We’re taking a closer look at the custom model for this: Andika Pratama from Kromworks takes over only the blissful long-stroke single of British construction and Indian production. The base model is Royal Enfield Bullet 500.

He builds everything around the stolen bone, like an entire chassis made by himself. A base frame made from 8mm thick steel plates.

In a fever of racing spirit, Andika has built his rear swingarm and fork. He made the swingarm out of steel tubings, which comes mounted on a spring strut. Andika also has customised a 21-inch rim, combining it with an aluminium hub and a Dupley drum brake. And the name is ‘ Icarus’.

The bike is an interpretation of a Japanese concept. He uses traditional Indonesian patterns for the camouflage paint finish of the whole bodywork. The narrow motorcycle tank ends in a naked polar version with an exhaust pipe.

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