Regarding motorcycle gear, Shoei is undoubtedly one of the top brands to consider. Helmets are crucial for any rider’s safety, and having a reliable and high-quality one is a must-have. 

With Shoei’s helmets, you can trust that you’re getting excellent protection and comfort to keep you safe on the road. Investing in a Shoei helmet is a bright and confident choice for any serious rider.

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What does it pack?

The GT-Air II is an incredible helmet that is a milestone for the brand. It is a grail purchase for many riders, and it’s easy to see why. The designers had the sport-tourer in mind when creating this lid, but it’s also perfect for anyone who values stability and quiet comfort in a high-quality touring helmet. 

Whether you’re a long-distance rider or simply someone who appreciates the engineering of creating a top-notch lid, you owe it to yourself to check out the GT-Air II. It’s something extraordinary.

The GT-Air II lid is already highly-regarded among riders everywhere, and now it’s getting an extra boost with a limited-time graphic set. Shoei has created a unique design that’s only available for a short period, so if you’re interested in snagging one, make sure to get your name on the waiting list. 

Release date

Remember, the Glorify graphic, whether in blue or grey, will be released in July 2023, so mark your calendars and prepare for the launch!

Upon closer inspection, the Glorify graphic design could be more complex. While one side of the helmet boasts the iconic Shoei brand, the other side features a collection of stripes that create a dynamic and attention-grabbing design. 

The helmet’s base is finished in a sleek matte black, with contrasting vertical and horizontal hairlines that add depth and dimension to the graphics. It’s clear that the Glorify graphic is a nod to Shoei’s signature style but with a unique twist thanks to the intricate details on the decals.



This helmet boasts a robust and flexible shell thanks to its Advanced Integrated Matrix design which overlays various composite materials.

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Shoei’s exclusive blend of fibres and resin makes for a durable lid that resists punctures and mitigates impacts and crushing. In addition to the shell, the helmet includes a multi-density EPS foam. The finishing and accommodations are premia throughout.

 It’s got a dual visor and can even accommodate the SENA SRL2 comms unit. Plus, it’s got a micrometric buckle and a reliable Emergency Helmet Removal System. But what’s even more remarkable is that you can make it unique by opting for graphic design. It’s a helmet worth checking out!

However, it’s worth noting it comes with a price tag of around $490 (67,100 JPY) at the moment. Don’t wait too long to order, though, as the graphic design may only be available for a while.

Source: Young Machine

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