The sports motorcycle category is one of the most demanding to which a helmet can be subjected. The relationship between comfort. And safety is a delicate but necessary balance that the R&D team of HJC has worked for years to achieve.

That is why in this new helmet, we bet for a design that translates into greater strength and anti-impact protection, perfect aerodynamics and ventilation.On an ergonomic base with great attention to detail.

To offer adequate protection against impacts, both low and high speeds, modular helmets are good. Thanks to its detachable structure. It can offer more excellent safety and allow us to have the same equipment with different thicknesses. According to every use we perform and each season of the year.


The most demanding motorcycle users frequently change between integral and modular helmets. But why carry two separate models if you can have both in a single helmet. The new HJC i100 answers this question with a unique design.

HJC i100

The HJC i100 is a helmet that allows you to choose and use two ways to wear it: open (with the chin guard removed) or installed with the integral chin guard. The same chin guard can be used in both configurations and has a double homologation P/J (protective gear for scooters and motorcycles) to meet the regulations.

The HJC i100 Helmet is the standard par excellence in motorcycle helmets and will make you feel like a racing star at all times. The HJC i100 helmet features an advanced shell polycarbonate material, making it highly resistant to destruction.

The design of the new i100 aims to offer a safer and more comfortable experience to riders by protecting them from any eventuality onboard their motorbike.

It features an integrated sun visor that we can easily activate from the bottom left. And a pre-installation designed to install the HJC SMART Bluetooth Systems (10B and 20B). Which incorporates an advanced ACS ventilation system. The helmet arrives in three sizes, from XS to 2XL.

The interior is made from antibacterial Supercool fabric responsible for preventing foul odours and is removable and washable. The helmet aligns with homologation regulations (ECE 22.06)and arrives at €319.90.



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