It’s no secret that street motorcycle helmets have come a long way in the past decade. 

Full-face helmets are now adorned with an arsenal of functional retro-styling and cleverly integrated modern touches that let riders express their unique style without sacrificing safety or comfort. 

In the world of premium helmets, Nexx Helmets is already a well-known name. 


The company’s lineup has consisted of impressive design, high levels of safety through aerodynamics, and a unique visual appeal — particularly its retro-inspired models — which has helped carve out a segment for itself against more established helmet brands.

And when it comes to retro-styled street helmets, few manufacturers can match Nexx Helmets.


So when the Europe helmet brand recently unveiled its all-new X.G20 lineup, we were eager to put it through its paces.

We were more than impressed with its attention to detail, quality finish, and sense of style.

Now, with its X.G20 platform, Nexx continues to push boundaries and offer something different to riders who are looking for a premium helmet experience through levels of customization that have never before been seen in the market.


The helmet is user friendly and customizable. The X.G20 shield-equipped retro-style helmet arrives in XS-M and L-XL sizes and features X-Matric Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber shells.

The X.G20 joins the brand’s extensive, modular accessory lineup, and it provides consumers with a variety of modern permutations such as open face/full face, shield versions in flat or tear-off, plus both standard and flip-up peak selections. 

These choices allow users to create an individualized design that suits their style and taste. And you have options between sun visors, peaks, trim, shields, and finishes.

Therefore Nexx Helmets’ X.G20 retro helmet floats in the middle of its product portfolio, serving as a canvas for buyers to customize and outfit their heads with a modern twist on an iconic piece of biking history without compromising safety and comfort.

As for the price

  • Purist variant arrives at €199.99 ($225) 
  • While Carbon SV and Cult Carbon SV come with a €399.99 ($450).

via Nexx


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