Honda India to introduce a new model CB350RS

 Honda India to introduce a new model CB350RS

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Earlier in February 2021, Honda’s rumour about bringing the Scambler variant of its newly launched Hness CB350 was rife.

We saw a couple of renderings from Young Machines that went viral on the internet too.

However, as per the current news, Honda plans to introduce the cafe racer sports variant of the CB350, which is evident in the latest teaser.

The latest version goes by name CB350RS and does take cues from the CB1100RS, which is present in the international market.

We don’t see any change in the performance specs. The BS6 compliant 350cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine motor will make around 20.8 bhp and max torque of 30 Nm@3000 rpm. 

The CB350RS also arrives with the PGM-FI technology. The  PGM-FI is Honda’s proprietary technology which Honda earlier used in there cars like the Prelude and Accord.

While the uneven connecting rods make sure, there is less loss of energy via combustion. 

On the other front, the CB350 also has the wall built between the transmission and crankcase, allowing less friction.

Well, what goes behind Honda’s research are those advance sensors which arrives via simulations used through computers resulting in making the CB350 a more refined commuter.

Another critical aspect of the H’ness CB350 is the coaxial balancer, which helps balance the mass and is an innovative mechanism to eliminate the vibrations.

Further, we see the wheel, suspension and brakes will remain as is.

So what’s new?

Further, we expect the change in the aesthetics wherein we will see black components instead of chrome. Cafe racer CB350RS will also have a clip-on, and excellent paint schemes.

To match the Cafe racer style the updated exhaust will replace the 45mm exhaust. We expect a new fairing as well as the introduction of the visor.

The CB350 aka H’ness comes in two different variants DLX and DLX Pro at a Rs 1,86,500 and Rs 1,92,500.

However, with the introduction of new components expect the price of the new CB350RS to be little high. The new model will arrive today.

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Akash Dolas

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