Remember the image of Honda CB350 Scrambler concept teased in December 2020.

And Honda plans to launch the CB350 Scrambler is India on February 16th.

Honda has recently unveiled its most-wanted retro-styled CB350. Honda made the right choice to develop CB350.


Old retro CB350

Let’s rewind and see about Honda CB350. Now, this isn’t the first time Honda has brought CB350 on the motorcycle scene.

 Retro CB350 Pic Courtesy- Wikipedia

Honda first started the CB350 production in 1968. However, the production did not last long, and it went on for five years.

Compared to the timeline, the specs of old retro CB350 were good.

Dubbed as “CB350 Super Sport” it had 325cc twin-cylinder motor capable of making 36hp with top speed as 170 km/h.

Carrying a wet weight of 170 kgs this, we believe was the lightest retro. Honda sold 250,000 copies in just five years.

The retro came with a green and white dual-tone paint scheme slightly different from the retros present in the ’70s.

Later in 1974, CB360 was the successor of CB350.

New Honda H’ness CB350

After 47 years, Honda India now has resurrected the CB350. The new CB350 comes developed with the help of nine new patents.

We can see some cues taken from the old retro CB350 like the style dual-tone paint scheme.


CB350 Scrambler


Folks from Young Machine went a step further and derived a Scrambler variant of recently launched CB350 in India.

And they suggest we may see a Scrambler variant of the lower displacement by 2021.

CB350 or CL350 Scrambler rendering.Courtesy: Young Machines

Going by earlier reports from Young Machine on Honda Rebel 1100 or Kawasaki ZX-25R you cannot write them off.

At least not when the Honda Rebel 1100 and Kawasaki ZX-25R are in production and ZX-25R is on the road.

So we believe the CB350 Scrambler is sure to get the nod from Honda. Is there a possibility of the new name like CL350 well it could be?

We don’t see Honda having a bike in the Scrambler segment at least not in the lower segment in the current state. 

Plus, the advantage of bringing the Scambler is Honda may not have built the platform from scratch. 

They have to tweak the aesthetics in the Scrambler way, which effectively we see may not take much time.

So what do we see in the new Honda CB350 or CL350 Scrambler?

  • Honda will have to add the typical Scrambler style exhaust to its new variant.
  • Chances are for off-road duties we may see more long suspension.
  • Tyres may well adapt to perform offroad duties.
  • Headlight guard will be an additional change.
  • Spoke wheels instead of on conventional wheels.
  • Possibly a leather seat.
  • Also expect a difference in the rear swingarm.

The BS6 CB350 compliant 350cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine motor makes around 20.8 bhp and max torque of 30 Nm@3000 rpm. The CB350 also arrives with the PGM-FI technology.

With the same performance specs, we may see a Honda is likely to bring a new lower Scrambler segment to its portfolio.

We could see another story where Honda has filed a patent for its higher displacement Scrambler, and the engine is 750cc, like NC750.

Honda’s patent for 750cc Scrambler

Patents related to placing a riders foot on a frame consisting of body frame, a brake pedal plus a master cylinder, and provides output to brake hydraulic pressure in response to the brake pedal operation are supported.

In short, Honda is looking forward to expanding its Scrambler portfolio.

However, compared to the CB350 we may see the 350 Scrambler arriving with a little higher price from Rs 1.90 to Rs 1.93 Lakh.


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