CFMoto MT800 Patent designs

 CFMoto MT800 Patent designs

Before few days we saw CFMoto’s MT800 a large size ADV getting spied.

Therefore no wonder CFMoto is aggressively expanding its capabilities in the form of multiple products which fall under numerous segments.

CFMoto portfolio has a diverse range of motorcycles from 125cc to 700cc.

And not mention the 2021 CFMoto 1250TR-G to arrive in Malaysia. However, we don’t see the 1250TR-G on the CFMoto Global website.

Recently the Philippines received the lower displacement roadster 400Nk.

To create joint capabilities last year, CFMoto had join hands with the KTM.


It is likely to get the KTM LC8c twin-cylinder engine which comes from the 790 Duke and Adventure, which is a boost for CFMoto when it comes to higher displacement Tourers. The engine makes 95 HP, and 88 Nm torque is also available here. 

When it comes to LC8c engine, there are several advantages.

  • The design is thin and sleek and comes in new packaging.
  • Due to the absence of a rear cylinder and airbox mounted above the cylinder, the engine is more flexible. And further, it helps in better ergonomics.

What more in the past the LC8c comes stacked in the superbikes, super naked, super adventures, super enduros and supermotos.

Patent design

From the design images, we get to know more.

  • We can see the engine protector further
  • 17-inch tires at the rear and 19inch on the front 
  • The front also gets double disc brakes
  • UDS forks and the fender to add more.

We are not sure when CF Moto plans the MT800 to India. But looking at the images and prototype, we feel at least it will arrive in the production pretty soon.


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