In the recent motorcycle news.CFMoto has joined hands with KTM. KTM is famous for entering into global agreements. The largest is between Bajaj and KTM in which Bajaj holds a share value of 49% that again made other multiple agreements to move the production in Asia.

Collaboration between CFMoto and KTM holds good value for both the players as well as to the motorcycle market.

The joint venture was formalized in the October 2017(see the cover photo) however it is not new as the CFMoto and KTM had collaborated before in 2014 when various flavors of KTM Dukes were assembled in Hangzhou factory for the Chinese market under the brand KTM R2R.


CFMoto has the objective to grow its business in segments like 650 and 400cc taking help of KTM production plants in Mattighofen (Austria) and Pune (India).

KTM too is impressed with the build quality of CFMoto.That KTM announced that the production of med segments KTM bikes for the entire world will have an annual capacity of 50,000 motorcycles. 

Benefits to both the parties
  • They will able to provide affordable prices for Western motorcycle markets.
  • Also, the exports will get easy in Asia as China has free trade agreements.

Assembly of the vehicle will be done in Bajaj, in India and some of the plants in South America.

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