Bikesocial has spied the upcoming 1290 Super Adventure 2020 model. Lets look at the advance features that it gets.

  • The frame is the same as the current one, and the subframe is a new aluminum one.
  • The suspension is WP’s semi-active suspension (currently also).
  • It will come with new swing arm.
  • The engine is based on EURO5 on the current basis (displacement is not increased).
  • A radar-based guy with adaptive cruise control and safety systems.
  • Radar is under the headlight, there is a panel that hides the radar, so it may be used in commercial models.
  • This BOSCH radar is the same as the 160m medium-range radar used in automobiles.
CARB Document Details

By the way, although it is 1290 Super Adventure of CARB’s 2020 model submitted in June 2019, the value of exhaust gas is the same as the 2019 model. 

How will the Bosch radar help?
  • Collision prediction warning: A person who tells the rider to be dangerous by sound or vision when the rider is not aware when the other vehicle approaches.
  • Adaptive cruise control: a cruise control that keeps a good distance from the previous motorcycle.
  • Blind spot detection: When a vehicle comes in the blind spot, a warning is given to the rearview mirror.

Pic Credits : Bikesocial

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