CX500 and CBX1000 was the brainchild of Shoichiro Irimajiri who with Honda was moved from building F1 engines to Honda’s Motorcycle Division.

Equipped with 6 cylinders the CBX1000 made 105 hp back in the late 1970s that was not only regarded powerful but had had a good performance.

Now Mandrill Garage a Chinese custom motorcycle house was assigned by a motorcycle collector to make a sleek cafe racer out of CBX1000. 


The output that came out well you could see it.

How was the build made?

  • The base model used was 1981 CBX-B a tourer. It had a front fork of 39mm that is adjustable. Bags as well as fairings. However, the chassis and engine were the two most important aspects of the bike.
  • The first step was to see that there is a review of chassis and after that was it was repaired to get the proper alignment of the bike and in the
  • In the second instance, the rear part had to be cut as it carried a lot of weight and then it was substituted with the shorter and lighter part.
  • The third step was to check the swingarm and see how the Kawasaki ZRX could be fitted to the build giving the double shock absorber.
  • The design was made curvier by opting aluminum-made components.
  • Cherry red and Metallic grey paint schemes motivated by Oberdan Bezzi’s design made the build look stylish and classy.
  • The engine is restored and not modified. The exhaust system is 3 by 1 to match the entire build. The oil cool system is again substituted with the racing system.
  • 6 Keihin took the place in place of cranes.
  • Braking duties were performed by Brembo radial brake calipers and 320 mm floating discs.
  • CNC Machines, spoked wheels with a simple electrical system was fitted.
  • The last step was to carry out new motor mounts and those were mounted to reduce the amount of engine vibration and noise feel.
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