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In January 2019 we had published an article about is Tesla building an electric motorcycle ” Model M “. There are always curious eyes on Tesla and Elon Musk when they put something forward and before they put anything forward.

Rumors and News that Tesla building an electric motorcycle is not something new. Talking about Model M.

James Gawley, Industrial Designer creates a design of Model M and E-Bike for Tesla which was published on his Behance page.


The concept looks futuristic having a huge speedo display that gives the rider every information such as Battery Charge in %, Restaurants, Navigation’s, Communications. Other smart features also include.

  • When the Key is in proximity the footpegs move outward.
  • A charging connector cannot be removed unless Model M is unlocked.
  • Rearview cameras display what is being captured from behind and relayed to the rider.
  • Model M is completely customizable.
Why Model M?

As per James. The Idea Of an Electric Motorcycle itself has been around since the early 1900’S. But Model M says that Tesla Motors would like to shift the paradigm of expectations for Electric Bikes as it did with electric cars.

And while the market currently has a variety of styles of bikes. Model M inherits designs like Model S (Tesla Motors Electric Vehicle), with features of both standard and sports tooling style has been done.

Elon Musks’s take

Now while talking to Motoit when asked whether Tesla is building an electric motorcycle. To which Elon said “no way”.

He further said, “At the age of 17 I nearly died by crashing with a truck, so no motorcycle for Tesla”.

Well, at least as of now we are clear that Tesla doesn’t have any plans to build the electric motorcycle.


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