News: Triumph to announce 2020 Speed Triple 1160 soon, expected to be 165hp

 News: Triumph to announce 2020 Speed Triple 1160 soon, expected to be 165hp

The new Triple 1160 is expected to be launched soon by Triumph and we have the below information.

  • The engine of the new speed triple is being tested on the road.
  • The size of the displacement grows from 1100cc to 1160cc.
  • Bore too grows from 79mm to 83mm. However, the stroke remains as is i.e 71.4mm.
  • We have also received the information that the cylinder to is redesigned to get better performance.
  • Will the new speed triple get headlight of Rocket 3.Well this point is something to think about.
  • Bore too is expanded.
  • The current model is 148HP, but the new model is expected to be around 160HP-165HP.
  • Since the frame has not changed significantly since 2011, the frame may be new.
  • A set of electronic controls will be equipped, including cornering ABS and stability control.
  • It will be three models of Muji, S (SHOWA suspension), RS (Orleans suspension) as well as the present.
  • A full-color multifunctional meter and a smartphone connection on the latest model of Triumph will also be equipped
  • We also expect that all models will be equipped with a quick shifter.

We will see all new Speed Triple soon.

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