News : Patented sausage wrap air bag for Motorcycle riders

 News : Patented sausage wrap air bag for Motorcycle riders

There are lot of inventors/manufacturers who have already come up with solution to protect motorcycle rider while they are at risk in involving in accidents.While there solutions do help rider to protect themselves from accidents.

However there is one inventor which talks of providing the rider near to 100% security from the accidents.

How does this work?

They have stated that the air bag will only work when the car is moving at certain speed and then all the censors of the car for eg: Gyro or IMU can bring the cars speed down.Front collison speeding up suddenly hit by the rear or losing the balance that is beyond the control of the rider.

For that air bag will be installed below the seat which when rider will use they need to fasten the seat belts.The seat will fall out of the car.Later in just few seconds the air bag will inflate from the seat and cover the user/rider.Like a sausage.

While the two outer belt straps will move up and down that are meant as to not allow the user to spread the legs and arms out from the wind for which the rider doesn’t have to worry about.

However from the initial data it seems that it will have the cushion will remain at the stage of the patent by the owner of the idea to prevent copying of ideas by others.

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Akash Dolas

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4 years ago

wow someone finally..!!!found a start that will save a rider.if this concept really works..unbelievable

Kathryn Johnson
Kathryn Johnson
4 years ago

Where can I purchas the airbag ?

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