We have the dirty hands of the grease and the head full of ideas.

Art of Special

Italian Motorcycle is a project envisaged from zest for dreams, for engines, for opportunities and for the opportunities to grow in special motorcycles that Dream Motorcycle builds.


Devoted and focused importantly to manufacture special custom motorcycles, the workshop utilizes the organised effort and guidance of the most astounding experts in the fields.

Every activity is worked and developed together with help of exceptional experts, each time diverse for various necessities.

When the formats has been set up, the thought grows first through the estimation and plan that envision the making of the individual pieces, at that point through the mechanical and the development period of the machine.

Purpose is to make unique, elite vehicles made to be constant motion, safe, and mechanically perfect.

Italian Dream MotorcycleRider’s Dream in Motion

It is the motorcycle that you are searching for a lifetime, the one that shows up your dreams. The one that rushes towards the edge of the eye however on the off chance that you turn and it has just vanished. It is the other end of the galaxy. It fits and it’s only for you.

You as of now have it in your mind as a common idea, a fixation. Come to us, we have the cure. We can help you put your idea on paper. And then on the road. Well, we know how it works, we’ve been there too. Anyway, this is your story. You just need someone to give you the metal to write it.

These words are angelic and so are Sergio Giordano’s Special Motorcycles that he builds. Below is my recent conversation with Sergio who started this as a dream.

1.How did Dream Motorcycle started?

Sergio: Like many things, this too was an idea that I had in my head for years. My father is a pilot, I was born among the engines. When I was young I met Carlo Talamo who has greatly inspired this work of mine and to whom the Triple Series is dedicated.

I felt the need to create something of really special, and unique. As I usually do in my work I have studied a lot and I have documented. Hence the decision to take advantage of the incredible heritage we have in Italy when it concerns the world of engines, and motorcycles. obsessed with the fact that the bikes have to work, and do it at their best, I have come to collaborate mainly with technicians and mechanics of the world of MotoGp and WSBK, this has led me from last year to collaborate with the Private Team Kawasaki in WSBK by Lucio Pedercini, and become an agent of some Pilots including world champion Raffaele De Rosa.

I am convinced that there is a lot more “Custom” and “Special” in the racing box, than in many of these Concept Garage Gurus of Cafe Racer.

2.How did the idea to cover the Street Triple (revering to Triple 0.0 model).As generally the Street Triple is naked bike?

Sergio: In this case the choice is dictated by a stylistic requirement linked to the design of the bike. Even if all our decision regarding the aesthetics of the bike, it must have its correspondence in the functionality of the vehicle.

In this case the half fairings host a series of components, as well as providing the oil. I also enjoyed the idea of naked motorcycles, I do not exclude soon to do the opposite.

3.Do you think Electric bikes is competition to Custom Motorcycle market? Any plans to build Electric Motorcycle Customs?

Sergio: The big dilemma with the electric bikes. Valentino in these days has expressed his disappointment on the competitions of electric propelled vehicles. I have a training that comes from the racing world, so I can only share this idea for what concerns the competitions.

I find the challenge for everyday mobility it’s very interesting. And for the particularity of the segment I think it makes absolutely sense to think of the Electric Custom.
It is a challenge that I would like to face, there is an important company close to us.

Energica Motor Company, and in my mind to propose a collaboration in this sense, we must see their availability and desire to invest.

4.When you start to put Design on paper. What comes first to your mind?

Sergio : My process is reverse, I think a lot, especially at night, I use this time to study and reflect, I always visualize what I want first and even if I close my eyes I can see it, then it goes to work on paper. I’m not a professional, so I need a designer to put all my drawings, sketches, cut-outs, and collages into order, and put the drawing into dimensions and create the rendering to work on.

5.What is the best custom motorcycle according to you?

Sergio: Customization if you think about it is a very arrogant and presumptuous band. You take something that someone else has done and you presume to change it, modify it.

 Well if you have all this arrogance, then you have to be sure to do it well, this means that every change you have to go to do will have to go to improve the medium, not only taking care of the aesthetics but above all the performance.

We talk about engines, mechanical vehicles, first of all they must work, operate at their full potential.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of custom bikes Beautiful, wonderful and very famous and known, many of these I’d like to try and see them turn.

In any case, our point of arrival and the complete construction of the vehicle, one day… and meanwhile as a term, I prefer Special, to custom.

6.How are your custom motorcycles different from rest?

Sergio: I cannot answer this question, in fact almost everything, starting with the approach, we are not a garage, not a workshop, rather a microscopic constructor.

We do not wait for someone to come and ask me to customize a motorbike. Every year we present a series of limited edition motorcycles, according to our tastes and our ideas.

In these two years we have presented 5 bikes completely different from each other in all, starting point, have the engine, displacement, design, but all have one thing in common, they are not show bikes … This is before anything.

7.How do you see yourself in future?

Sergio: I am always very determined, I was sure that IDM would have been successful, but I did not imagine such a great media impact in such a short time. We were really very lucky and I am very enthusiastic about this.

But it is not easy to answer because I have different ideas, and many proposals. At the moment we have 9 different projects and 3 collaborations with Motorcycle Companies. Next year I will start my collaboration in WSBK because the racing world is very important for us too, and I do not exclude a Racing Team in the short term.

Dream Motorcycles also has their own merchandise on their website and they have received multiple awards.


  • Premio Eleganza Rivista Motociclismo 1° Posto.
  • Sideburn Magazine Award
  • Bike of the week of BIKE EXIF

 Photos, Work in Progress and Videos

Sergio with his Triple 0.0 Competition 

It is the natural evolution of the 0.0 in the new competition version. Change the look, but also the soul.

This is a very different bike: the base is first of a Speed ​​Triple 1050, 1050cc to bring the powerful 3-cylinder injection from its already terrible 130hp up to the monstrous 145hp obtained thanks to the extraordinary work of our workshops.

Everything we have not done ad hoc for this bike we have replaced with the best quality components used in the races made exclusively for us by the best specialized companies, such as the aluminum footboards machined from solid and black carbon made for our line Bonamici Racing.

We wanted to make sense of that word Competition, and we’re sure we succeeded. Thanks to the Pirelli Diablo race tires that encompass the wonderful gold anodized spoked rims of the IDM line as well as the aluminum perimeter frame, which has been treated in different baths and has a special painting to achieve that result.

All front and rear suspension are dedicated Ohlins, the new generation radial forks and the single shock absorber, both extremely adjustable to improve the effectiveness on each track and offer the vehicle great stability and precision in driving, giving a surplus of elasticity.

The Brembo radial calipers of course Serie Oro close the two Super Sport discs in their vice with 4 pistons, which give excellent modulability and guarantee a braking performance of 1.3 g. of Motogadget who also provided us with the starter sensor starting system. The Accossato Racing handlebar and grips that, like the Triple 0.0, have made us special buttons for the bike’s controls. The half hull in hand-beaten aluminum also reveals some of the frame in its special and characteristic coloring. It is then sold with two domes, one completely black that can be used on the racetrack as a number door, and one in fiber, which reveals the classic double headlight only when it is on. Those two eyes like crazy, as Carlo Talamo called them.


Triple 0.0

This has required a great deal of research and development: two plates produced from the full by a machine with numerical control make it find its natural accommodation to the single arm that, in addition to giving a great aesthetic momentum to the bike, makes it more stable and precise on the trajectories.

On the other hand, it is a rear monosospensione designed to handle the 130 hp of 1050.

All this fits perfectly into the measurements of the original booklet and therefore respecting the approval parameters.

Then Sergio wanted to make the triple 0.0 more aggressive , but also more performance oriented. So Sergio replaced the chain drive with a belt drive: with new software the new pulleys were designed. Then they were made, getting them from the full. On the pulleys is perfectly located a race belt that, in addition to increasing the safety and precision of the bike, gives it greater fluidity in the delivery of power, without detracting from its brutal responsiveness.

The 3-cylinder in-line is vented into a special outlet with a 3-port flange. This is also an exclusive piece, designed and built specifically for the Triple 0.0. The tail, the saddle, the fairings, are entirely handcrafted in aluminum as well as the special dome that conceals and guards the two occhionic features of this successful series, a distinctive sign that could not be lost.

MAX_3307 copiaMAX_3478 copia

Lucky Legend

The companies of the pilots of the past have nourished our passion for the two wheels. Today that passion has taken shape in the Italian Dream Motorcycles. Every year idm dedicates a motorcycle to one of the great pioneers of motorcycle racing. First job, wanted to be a tribute to what is surely the craziest of our pilots, a rebel, a dreamer, Marco Lucchinelli.

In 1981 he finally won the world championship of motorcycling in the premier class 500. The title had escaped his hands the year before, they were the golden years of the 500, crazy horse in fact wins with a race in advance the world, leaving behind the second place Randy Mamola, the third Kenny Roberts, and the fourth Barry Sheene. Having crossed the finish line, with his suzuki rg500 of the hen team, the new champion says: “I never want to do a race like that again, it cost me a lot of effort”.

Lucky Legend is a tribute to him, his career and that world.

Limited Series Yellow Weapon Black Dart

In 2009, designer Oberdan Bezzi conceived the Yellow Weapon project: a Suzuki-based special. In 2015 the Fuchs Workshop workshop in Ravenna took over the project, realizing it on the basis of a 1981 Suzuki gs1000.

“The Yellow Weapon project stems from the idea of ​​building a special without changing the size of the wheels or the chassis dimensions, because the bike had to run on the street.

My taste, my philosophy bikes are: road, sports, very aggressive ..special .. In the sense race bike to go on the road”

Oberdan Bezzi

Source : Italian Dream Motorcycle


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