James Gawley, Industrial Designer creates a design of Model M and E-Bike for Tesla which was published on his Behance page. The concept looks futuristic having a huge speedo display which gives rider every information such as Battery Charge in %, Restaurants, Navigation’s, Communications. Other smart features also include.

  • When the Key is in proximity the foot pegs move outward.
  • Charging connector cannot be removes unless Model M is unlocked.
  • Rear view cameras display what is being catpture from behind and relayed to rider.
  • Model M is completely customizable.

Why Model M?

As per James.The Idea Of An Electric Motorcycle Itself Has Been Around Since The Early 1900’S, But Model M Says That Tesla Motors Would Like To Shift The Paradigm Of Expectations For Electric Bikes As It Did With Electric Cars. And While The Market currently has a variety of styles of bikes , Model M inherits designs like Model S (Tesla Motors Electric Vehicle), with features of both standard and sports tooling style Has been done



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