Custom: Debolex Engineering’s custom Yamaha MT-10

Custom: Debolex Engineering’s custom Yamaha MT-10

What happens when an orange paint scheme from McLaren 570GT is applied to a custom motorcycle?

Well, that’s what the folks did at deBolex and created a stunning custom although it was requested by the client.

The custom gets a 998cc inline-four engine that produces 158 hp with just under 85 fl lbs of torque for a naked these are some very good figures that are made up of plastic and faux air intakes.

The new headlight was added with LEDs, mudguard is a custom build. The leather seat is made by the folks at deBolex.

The frame is made up of aluminum that subsidizes the weight. That being said the build looks exquisite and orange paint from McLaren 570GT adds more taste tio the entire build.

About deBolex

There build process is similar to that of the 50s and 60s racing era, where manufacturers would remove the heavy steel bodies from their saloon and sports cars and replace them with a lightweight aluminium body, whist simultaneously improving the chassis and engine performance.

This process has created some of the most successful and iconic race cars in history. This classic era embodies a combination of effortless style and a fundamental quality and with this as the basis of our inspiration, we focus on incorporating increased reliability and our own distinctive style.

It is an important part of our ethos not to tear up a great production bike to make something potentially harder or less practical to ride, but more to celebrate the efforts of the manufacturer by retaining the core of the bike and redressing it with new lightweight bodywork with some upgraded components.

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