August 15th is here, and it’s time to make our announcement, as promised. However, instead of making this announcement a random one, we’d like to lend some context to it by having a heart-to-heart with all of our fans, followers, well-wishers, and especially, our harshest critics.

We’d like to address TWO of the most asked questions from each of you. First – Why is the Emflux ONE taking so long to release? Second, will Emflux make more affordable bikes for everyone to buy?

Let’s start with the first question. It’s safe to say that Emflux isn’t the only company to be asked this question, but we’ll try and answer it from our perspective. The Emflux ONE is an Electric Superbike that’s being indigenously developed in-house from scratch by a young team of Designers and Engineers in Bangalore.
Building a product from the ground up is a task that requires tremendous amounts of skill, care, attention, and iteration, and this increases ten-fold in the case of a motorcycle. Every single thing is critical when it comes to design and engineering, considering that one tiny detail overlooked or one small component badly engineered by the company could prove fatal to the consumer. The list of problems to be solved is nearly endless, and getting through all of this takes time.
Add to this the fact that we’ve chosen to develop every single Mechanical, Electrical, and Design component by ourselves, and the time taken to develop a product like this shoots up even more.
It’s easy to source parts from other companies, put them together, and call it a product, but we aren’t satisfied with this approach. We want to give the people of India a world-class product, and we want to do it our way. Absolutely no compromise.
There’s a bright side to this however. Taking this approach as given us tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience, and we are now in a stage where we can build just about any sort of vehicle with the technology we’ve indigenously developed for the Emflux ONE.
Which brings us to the second question – Will Emflux make more affordable bikes for everyone to buy? Yes. However, Emflux will remain a premium brand, and will not drop below a certain category of motorcycle, but this does not mean that we won’t make products for everyone.
The way in which we’ll go about doing this is through our own sister-brands or through technology partnerships with companies wanting to build their own EVs for the market. We’ll announce more on this in the coming months. However, it is now time for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for!
Most of you have guessed it – The Emflux TWO. However, we’re doubling down on our promise by creating not one, but two new beasts from the same gene pool as the Emflux ONE, one more affordable than the other. Presenting the Emflux TWO and TWO+, a pair of lethal electric street-fighters designed to decimate the competition with nothing but a whisper. Consider this our first step towards reaching more people with our technology. More details will follow in the coming months.
This Independence Day, let’s celebrate the spirit of a nation which is thoughtful and progressive, and yet, bold and unafraid to take risks. This is the very spirit that keeps us going day in and day out as we work towards making our dreams a reality by giving you Made in India products that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world.

Source: Emflux Facebook
Website: Emflux

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