Interview : Custom, Choppers and Art…( Note : This is mature 18+ content )

Interview : Custom, Choppers and Art…( Note : This is mature 18+ content )

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Call it Bold, Courageous, Distasteful Anthony Hicks  always has something different to to make his art speak.He is one of those artist who doesn’t shy away from making a wild attempt in his paintings and  drawings.

His strong love for vintage artifacts and not changing his stance for them is another rare quality that Anthony has .Whether it is vintage car, house, or choppers his love for them has not been less since long.

Today i had chance to talk to Anthony and understands what makes him so bold.

PS: The paintings and talk are for 18+ and has mature content

1.How did your passion for painting started?
Anthony : It started early as a kid, ever since i could hold a pencil i have been drawing. Painting really started in my teenage years and just never stopped.

2.Your paintings are very much detailed? How do you start and what is the time that you complete the entire painting?
Anthony :
I start by attaching parchment paper over illustration board and working out my drawing on the parchment instead of ruining the board.

After i am satisfied with the line drawing, i transfer the drawing to the illustration board using graphite paper. After its transferred i complete the drawing and make all the details tighter in preparation for final paint.

It usually takes a few months to complete a painting due to having a full time job during the day.

3.Do we see your style changing from old school choppers to sports bike or any other bike for fun?
Anthony : No, I’m more into the vintage american motorcycles and hot rods. Never got into the plastic bikes. I think they just lack soul and historical significance here in America.

I appreciate them for what sport bikes are but they just don’t do it for me. I’ll walk right past the baddest sport bike in the world to get to the rusty death trap panhead chopper hahaha.

4.Your ideas with ladies in your paintings are different how do your visualize them?
Anthony :
I am just a typical pervert. Think of it as a visual overload of every vice that men have such as machines and pornography. Very simple recipe that’s worked in art for many years before me. I am not the only one to do it, i just do it in a more distasteful way.

5.Which do you think is closest painting to your heart and why?
Anthony: I really love the painting i did called Jade Harlot. It’s just packed full of sex and the stress of man trying to troubleshoot his machine. Story of my life haha.

6.How do i see Anthony 5 years down the line?
Anthony: Hopefully still painting shit that men love and women learn to love. I think my art will just get edgier with time. Maybe people will still dig it.


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