The upcoming version of Triumph Rocket is spotted by MCN .This version is commercial version and that not that the TFC.
However i am trying to compare it with TFC. These are my views and i could be wrong.

  • Exhaust pipe and silencer are roughly the same in shape (material difference?)
  • The shape of the blinker is different
  • The lens of the headlight looks different (is it bloated?)
  • Front fork clamps are different
  • The color of the front fork inner is different
  • The color of the wheel is different
  • Maybe the calipers are the same

Basically the shape is the same, do you feel that the materials are different, emblems and such are added, or the design of the detailed parts are different? It feels almost the same.

If you find that there is a possibility that the headlights are not LEDs but halogens, it is likely to be inefficient in terms of production cost, so it is unlikely?


For TFC Global launch will happen on May 1, 2019, Triumph will launch the second Triumph TFC model to join this all new lineup – the stunning Rocket TFC.On this date, Triumph will reveal the full specification, price and timetable of availability for this very limited edition of only 750.

That’s right, I’m aiming rocket 3, but TFC is impossible! It may be better to wait for the announcement of the regular model. The price will be somewhat lower.

Pic Source : MCN

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