News: Upcoming Suzuki VStrom 1000 spied will be with Euro 5 norms

 News: Upcoming Suzuki VStrom 1000 spied will be with Euro 5 norms

The upcoming model VStrom 1000 is spied in Italy by Gpone. Compared to the current VStrom Model 1000. There are lot many changes that you will see from aesthetic point of view.

  • Screen shape change.
  • The shape of the headlight is horizontally long (it looks like an LED headlight).
  • Cowls are all different.
  • The blinker remains a light bulb.
  • The front fender is probably the same as the current.
  • The wheel, swing arm is probably the same as current
  • The engine looks like the current base.
  • Rear career is similar to the present.
  • Rear frame is also similar to the current.

Engine and frame doesn’t seem to change and has current base.You may feel that the exterior and headlights have been converted to LEDs, and that the electronically controlled throttle and engine system has been improved for EURO5 compliance.

Because it becomes an electronic control throttle and cruise control attached.There will also be a change in the meter. It seems that it will become an LCD Speedo .

It is a new model, but it will be announced around EICMA 2019. Speaking of which there is a rumor of  what will happen to XT? Is XT going to be there Riddle.Due to these changes how Suzuki keeps the price tag will also be a question.

Current V Strom 1000

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Akash Dolas

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