Royal Enfield KX Concept did received a very good response in EICMA and below are few pictures of KX Concept and its making.

The Bobber concept looks fresh and intimidating and this appealing concept gets below specs.

Engine : 883 CC, V Twin.
Brakes : Brembo.
Seat : Single leather seat looks posh which looks more attached to the fuel tank and simply placed .However it does get support from below.
Front End : Gets a circular headlight with LED arrangement which looks neat and clean.However one thing quick to note here is the circular headlight is placed between the front end of the shock absorbers which in the wake of bumpy road can touch the headlight to the front muffler.
Rear End : A single small round light is placed on the rear muffler which goes in line with the entire concept and looks very decent.
Fuel Tank : Fuel tank is elongated and doesn’t look like traditional Royal Enfield motorcycles and the curvy and tapered finish looks astonishingly gorgeous.
Swingaram : Single sided swing-arm also looks very appealing


Their are very minute details which the designers have very closely worked upon like BRAAP mentioned at the back of leather seat, twin exhausts gets a squarish finish, bottled green paint scheme looks decent on the concept, retro style buttons they also go very well with the entire line of the concept.

Also the small circular TFT dash gives every details like gear position, bluetooth, miles, time and revs.

Handle is short and will help rider to get the good posture on the motorcycle for long rides.Logo is placed on the tank on below side of the fuel cap.

Well this is one concept i wish Royal Enfield puts in production and soon…


Source : Harinamphoto and Royal Enfield

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