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The Yezdi bike had a significant association with the JAWA cruisers from the Czech Republic. The JAWAs were the sweethearts of the motocross and revitalizing circuit in Europe, and in this way everywhere throughout the world. The Czech motorcycles have a renowned place in the history and were invulnerable. The Yezdi was an excellent Indianisation of the JAWA worked to more prominent norms of roughness and keep going forever.

Yezdi improved the rich dashing history, enthusiasm, and power to speed hustling the motocross and rally circuits in India. Proprietors and mechanics met up and made alterations to bring the Yezdi bike into the dashing field.


The Yezdi turned out to be a significant power to battle with in different dashing circuits with legends like C K Chinnappa, Somendra Singh, Jagadeeswara Reddy, Thirumal Roy, Jagat Nanjappa, Rustom Hormuzdi, B S Shinde and Anita Nanjappa winning numerous races and encourages. The tenacious tracks of Sholavaram, Pune, and Kolkata saw numerous hard battled races, while the high elevations in the Himalayas and twisting streets of the South observed the Yezdis win numerous encourages.

The Yezdis’ energetic nature and deft dealing with made a clique following, and the evidence stays in the immense quantities of riders who keep on riding it crosswise over India. Yezdi was the sweetheart of Bollywood. Jeetendra warded off lowlifess in Humjoli (1970); Amitabh Bachchan utilized one in Parvarish (1977), and Farooq Shaikh romanced Deepti Naval on one in Chashme Buddoor (1981).


Yezdi will make a come back in 2019. Like Jawa, it will be a cutting edge rendition of the notable motorcycle. Be that as it may, it will hold the first looks and look as retro as it can get.

Jawa and Yezdi were one brand, however two distinct adaptations of a motorcycle. Yezdi turned out to be more famous among the both and till now, it is tremendously respected.

At the launch of Jawa Motorcycles.It was said that Mahindra will launch Yezdi as well but in coming year 2019.

In all likelihood, it will don a recently created 250cc motor. The prior Yezdi came in numerous variations, however the most prominent were Classic and Roadking 250.

Along these lines, here are our desires for the launch date, value, motor details and configuration changes that the new Yezdi may have.

Mahindra hasn’t yet made an official declaration on the launch date of the new bike . Nonetheless, it merits a note here that the producer as of late propelled the official site for Yezdi. Launch may happen at the end of 2019.

We anticipate an official word on the launch date sometime later.

In any case, Mahindra has been entirely vocal about situating this new brand as a way of life advertising. This implies there’s a high shot of costs being on the higher side.

Along these lines, we expect a valuing of Rs 1.4 Lakhs, setting it a bit lower than Jawa motorcycles

Yezdi will be made locally and India will be the fare center point for this new model.

As we as a whole observed, the new Jawa remained consistent with its underlying foundations. Thus, a similar structure theory will be utilized with Yezdi.

Yezdi was essentially an upgraded Jawa. In 1973, Jawa motorcycles progressed toward becoming Yezdi as they got two or three structure makeovers. The mechanical continued as before thought.

For instance, Yezdi got a squared fuel tank rather than Jawa’s bulbous one. Likewise, Jawa accompanied a full headlamp covering cowl, which was evacuated in Yezdi. Fundamentally, Yezdi was modernized a bit for the more youthful age.

In the new Yezdi, you can expect the equivalent squared fuel tank, twin-pea shooter debilitates, single level seat and the headlamp style.

Expected Specs of Yezdi

Engine 250cc, single-chamber, fluid cooled

Max. Power 21 BHP (est)

Pinnacle Torque 25 Nm (est)

Since their most well known motorcycles were Classic 250 and Roadking 250, we unequivocally trust that it may get another 250cc motor itself. Since Classic Legends remained consistent with the structure of Jawa, it may utilize a similar reasoning here. Like Jawa, it will match up with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The exhaust note probably won’t be equivalent to the prior 2-stroke motor, however close similarity would be kept up.

The new model of the Yezdi has a dry weight of 154 KGs. It may have a fuel tank of 17-liters. The new bike gets talked wheels, with the front wheel estimating 19-inch in distance across and the back wheel estimating 18-inch in breadth.

Yezdi 175CL 2ClassicDeluxe

Yezdi 175

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