Top 10 Global Motorcycle Events

 Top 10 Global Motorcycle Events

If you are a bike rider and ever wondered what is going on around you and in the world at large then here are top 10 motorcycle events, you will want to know more about. It’s true that the thought of riding on a beach may be crazy, or climbing hills with an almost 75+ degrees’ inclination may be insane but those are things happening all around the world and you are yet to discover the rest in this article.

Rolling Thunder: Harley Davidson

  • Enduropale Le Touquet – Le Touquet, Stella and Merlimont, France
    This is known to be one of the all time greatest biking events. It saw its first edition being done way back in the year 1975 and happily celebrates its 43rd edition this year. Renowned for bringing together over 1000 competitors around the world and an amazing 500,000+ spectators, the hype around the Eudropale Le Tuouquet, is definitely worth it.Though the running of the event may be different from what it used to be originally, the basics of the race are a 14km course that spans the long of the French Opal Coast on various beaches as well as sand dunes. The racers are a mix both amateurs and professionals and this makes the even more interesting as we can find the professionals struggling on the course too. ( Aamby Valley Run 2018 )
  • Poags Hole Hillclimb – New York, United States
    If you happen to check out the description to this race anywhere online, the point that always stands out is the course which on the top of a hill with inclination of 75 degree and the monster hill is about 19 km long.
    The bikes used to participate in this race have an amazing output power of about 300hp and some are even fueled with nitro-methane, and equipped with paddle tire and chains too. These bikes do individual time trial racing.  As for the standard dirt bikes, they race side by side in what is termed an x-climb.
  • Dirt Quake – Norfolk, United Kingdom
    As compared to the other events, dirt bike is relatively new as it just started in 2012 and it’s already inspired similar events in the US and Australia. The rules are quite simple but pretty interesting for an event. In the event, every type of bike is accepted.In the UK, the event is more of entertainment and some would even call it a carnival, especially as the con-testers bring really inappropriate bikes and costumes to the event too.
  • Serres Rally – Serres, Greece
    This is Dakar Rally for the Amateurs. As such, the deaths here are practically impossible but that doesn’t eliminate difficulty from the event. The involves a course that is about 1700km long and the event spans over a week with the terrain that varies as the venues change all over the region.Amateurs are encouraged to take part in the event and the organizers even go the extra mile of providing bikes for those who can’t transport theirs to Greece.
  • Australian Postie Bike Grand Prix – Cessnock, Australia
    Upon seeing this, the first question that should come to mind is the “postie bike” concept. Well, postie bikes are the Honda CT100 and this has been the case seen their creation in 1980. In that era, they were mostly used for workers who were into postal deliveries (posties). Every riding team is made of two members.
  • Royal Enfield Rider Mania – Various, India
    This is an annual event that brings together all Royal Enfield owners. The course is a dirt track and the only bike that can be ridden there is a Royal Enfield but there is no reason why the bike cannot be modified.
  • Boarded Grasstrack – Cornwall, United Kingdom
    This is one of those riding events where you could actually fall on a participant riding a paddock. In a nutshell, it is grass track event with some wooden boards setup to delimit the area.(Chat with Mr.Ajinkya Firodia, MD Motoroyale)
  • GNCC Powerline Park – Ohio, United States
    The power-line park in itself is a huge park that is about 1,000 acres in size. It has been used to host a good number of racing events and among these events is the American GNCC National Off-Road Racing series. Here you find almost no distinction in ages of the participants as everyone is a fan of it.
  • Red Bull Alpenbrevet – Grimsel, Switzerland
    This is a riding event that is meant for mopeds, organized by red bull. The course in itself is not a big deal as it involves enjoying wonderful scenery across the Swiss alps. Same as Dirt Quake, the idea behind the event is more of enjoyment than rivalry. (How to register Motorcycle in India ? )
  • 300 Curves of Gustav Havel – Horice, Czech Republic
    Let the name not fool you. The event is similar to the all time deadly Isle of Man TT, with a pinch of better weather. It’s got the perfect location and surrounding scenery. A good number of spectators always round it up with a tour.

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Video Credits : Harley Davidson

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