Custom : Vincent Gravière ” The Soulful Designer “

Custom : Vincent Gravière ” The Soulful Designer “

Customer Experience  is characterized by connections between a client and an association all through their business relationship. Also, the client experience insights doesn’t stop there. If you want your customers to stay loyal, you have to invest in their experience!. You will have to put yourself in customer’s shoes. This is the psychology of Customer Experience.

Why Customer experience becomes very important, the fact that customer is not only important entity in business but crucial in terms of achieving the set goals. Below top 5 statistics from Lumoa for Customer Experience that shows how important is Customer Experience.

  • 99% of Customer Experience and Success leaders believe CEM has a positive impact on their business. (Lumoa, 2018).
  • In 2019, customer experience will continue as a major factor in how companies do business. (Forrester, 2018).
  • 81% of companies expect to compete mostly or completely on the basis of CX in 2019. (Gartner, 2017).
  • 8 in 10 consumers report that businesses are meeting or exceeding their expectations for service, compared to 67 percent in 2014. In fact, 40% say businesses have increased their focus and attention on service, a significant increase in just three years (up from 29% in 2014). (American Express, 2017).
  • 80% of CEOs believe they deliver superior customer experience. Only 8% of their customers agreed. (Bain, 2005).

One attribute of Customer experience is Industrial design.Industrial design is vital regarding giving better products and extemporizing existing ones to set up a decent congruity among shopper and merchandise through product development. It additionally helps in improving the client experience and building up and keeping up the relationship.

Vincent is an integral part of this Industrial Design Culture and had build a great relationship with his designs and the same provides to his customers .When i took a first glance at his Instagram account i just wanted to know where do these ideas come from because they stand unique from rest of the world and that’s when the conversation started.

1.How did you started with concept design?
Vincent : I have completed industrial design course. I studied product and transportation design.For my diploma in 2010 I wanted to design something for future, something that did not exist. I worked on an hybrid personal zeppelin.Electric and that moved by helium balloon by half. It was a great experience and it was the beginning of a new interest for me.

2.What is your definition of designs?
Vincent : I think there are different types of designs. Bit like my professional and personal work today. There is the industrial design, where you have to fit with industry and users constraints (like ergonomic, feasibility, tooling etc) and concept design where constraints come from another field, my own field, where I managed my constraints to works with and tell a story.

But in a way or another, the main goal is to deliver emotion, and it’s the real definition of the design.

3.The new design of AGATA E-Harley is very very inspiring how did you thought about the idea?
Vincent :
Thanks.It began 2 years ago with a sketch! So it is not so new for my finally. I draw an Harley concept for a contest and few months later I decided to cover it!It was a challenge to make something still dynamic and attractive with a big bulb. I like the balance between a bulky front in contrast with the light rear.

And I leave the project in a cold case for months.Until 2018 October when I posted a facelift side view on Instagram. I received a great response for it, with respect to my small insta account, so I decide to push the project as far as I can. And that where I am today.

4.Do you plan to bring these designs in production?
Vincent : I received a few message about it, but nothing too serious at this stage. I am open. Will wait and see.My dream would be to partner with Harley.

5.How do you feel about electric motorcycle market catching up?
Vincent : I feel it’s a great market but already very competitive. When you see what had happened to Alta, should mean it’s tough.

6.What do you feel about today’s designs of motorcycles compared to that of early 70s or 80s?
Vincent : 3 years ago I had to change my road bike. And I dint’ know which one to choose.Almost only DUCATI made me feel and realize something.

I find actual bikes today are too sharp for me, made for an aggressive aspect, and this how you loose emotional design. Thats the reason I like so much about Ducati, there bikes are aggressive but also sexy!And to be honest I am not a fan of old bikes. Really don’t like 80- 90s , maybe I am too young and/or too old to like it.

When I was in age to drive motorcycle, 80-90 was the bike that nobody’s want, already old, heavy, not in good shape, nothing to make a young guy dreaming.

Loving old stuff comes with age I think , and it’s happen to me.I am very inspired by aviation industry. Amazing concept that comes from 50-60s. Lot of unbelievable design !

That is why maybe why I prefer custom bikes! Make something old more contemporary, or at the opposite, something new tinted with vintage aspect.

And finally.Except few bikes , I am not a huge fan of today’s bike design. But a new era is coming with KTM and Kiska both coming together .And I like it!

7.How do i see you 5 years down the line?
Vincent : In 5 years I hope to have my own design business, with a great balance between industrial and concept design.

I think I need both, concept design to keep industrial funnier, and industrial to inject reality in concept. Good balance!
I think it’s something with, you can recognize my work. Even with a flying ship, I tried to construct something realistic, even if it’s of course cannot works.

And, if I am lucky, working in partnership with motorcycle manufacturer would be great!

Vincent’s Work

AgataBMW R80


Front of CX-500

Harley – Stealth ConceptHarley – Slatflat
HVA in progress


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