Do we see Ducati entering lower displacements motorcycles, this question is arises time and time again and then again its long time speculation .

Brough SS100 ‘Classic Legend’

It’s been around a long time since  Ducati intends to assemble an appropriate 450cc motocross motorcycle, liking to concentrate on its MotoGP bikes and street bikes that they offer. Be that as it may, with a blasting offers of experience bikes and its new Enduro experience style bicycle, it’s trusted the Bologna-based bicycle developer is again taking a gander at a 450cc single race bicycle.


Zero Motorcycles its upcoming model

Ducati’s trademark is its Desmodromic valve train which show up on the entirety of its huge bicycles, so the innovation could be utilized on a solitary barrel motocross 450.

As far this image is concerned this is rendering image by Oberdan Bezzi . However it will be good to see how Ducati fills the gap of lower displacement bikes that again time will tell

Source : Motohead Mag

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