News : Jetpacks flying motorcycle will be available from 2020 with cost of $ 380,000

 News : Jetpacks flying motorcycle will be available from 2020 with cost of  $ 380,000

Recreational Speeder speaks to a definitive in close to home transport. It is completely VTOL (vertical take off and landing) skilled and can viably take off from anyplace the extent of a little vehicle space. Initially planned just for Military, Government and Commercial customers JPA is likewise structuring a form of the Speeder for the recreational market. It will be lighter than most 125cc bikes, completely balanced out and easy to fly.

Flying the Recreational Speeder will be much the same as riding a bike however in the sky!

Being completely settled implies that insignificant pilot preparing will be required.

It will take off from essentially anyplace and will fly at more than 150 mph*

It will likewise fly at up to 15,000ft yet don’t anticipate that a large number of JPAs clients should require this!

They intend to fabricate two forms of the Recreational Speeder : The Ultralight Version and the Experimental Category Version.

The Ultralight Version (UVS) won’t require a pilot’s permit to work – all preparation will be given by JPA or one of our approved instructional hubs. The Ultralight rendition will be constrained to conveying 5 gallons of fuel and to 60 mph flying rate.

The Experimental Version (EVS) will require a private pilot’s permit to fly and will have no fuel or speed limitations. As the proprietor/pilot of the EVS they will have you in our assembling office and you will be a piece of the air ship fulfillment process. This will fulfill the FAA manages around experimental air ship creation.

Full training will be given at the JPA preparing office in California where they remain the main FAA approved fly VTOL teachers in world.

Two versions. The Ultralight (UVS) which does not require a driver’s license and will have fuel limited to 22.7 liters and a maximum speed set at 96.5 km / h. The Experimental (EVS) will require a private pilot license to fly and will have no fuel or speed restrictions.

About JetPack Aviation 

JPA has been refining VTOL craft for over 10 years and are the undisputed leaders in turbine powered, micro VTOLs. Based in the San Fernando Valley just north of Los Angeles our mechanical and electrical/computer engineers have years of experience in designing, prototyping and building VTOL craft. They design and build all computer systems in house, from PCBs to coding all software.

They have always worked closely with the FAA and have a great working relationship with the local FSDO and Washington. All our US flights are fully approved by the FAA and our JB10 JetPack is the only turbine VTOL aircraft granted Experimental Category certification.

The FAA has reviewed our training and maintenance manuals and our CEO remains the only instructor in the world authorized to sign students off for JetPack flights. Our operations team include professional aviators and commercial pilots, all flight operations are conducted only after thorough risk assessment and mitigation plans are developed.

They also conduct there engine and flight testing as well as pilot training at a purpose built facility near Moorpark, CA about one hours drive north west of LAX.

Source : JetPack Aviation 

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