Custom : Firebrand Motorcycles Custom Yamaha R1

 Custom : Firebrand Motorcycles Custom Yamaha R1

How did project started?

Project R1 began by Firebrand Motorcycles by started to think on the rear tire. The second was that the motorcycle must have NOS. Like any great venture the motorcycle was stripped to an uncovered casing. The casing was then meticulously cleaned to a mirror wrap up.

The young men at that point chose to appear as something else and introduce an enormous single sided swingarm, no simple accomplishment and not only a jolt in occupation as first idea, it must be machined and divided to fit superbly.

The arm itself is CNC machined from strong billet combination for quality and expands approximately six inches more remote than standard. The beast arm was purchased as a unit from Rickman in the U.S, which incorporated the RC Components Stingray wheels.

The gigantic back wheel has likewise been machined from a square of billet combination and afterward cleaned to a mirror complete before being chrome plated. The wheel spokes have been inlayed with blue to add a pleasant complexity to the chrome.

Sitting on the wheel is an extremely extensive Avon Venom 300/35/18 tire. There’s a Performance Machine back caliper fitted with EBC brake cushions that takes hold of a Galfer rotor circle. A Mobile Auto Hoses interlaced brake line is utilized to deal with back braking obligations.

The chain drive needs to run double binds to counterbalance the driveline, prompting a standard chrome back sprocket. To include ground leeway just as looks, a lot of chrome Vortex rearsets are utilized again with blue decorates. The brake switch is connected to a standard cleaned ace chamber and Suttons Speedy Services have given the ultra-trap brake store.

For solace a very trap, Big Bore Air Ride suspension framework has been fitted to smooth out the ride however for the most part so the R1 can be dumped, which includes a pleasant touch…

Sitting on the R1 investigating the cockpit zone resembles taking a gander at the controls of a contender stream, the motorcycle has everything. The heads-up PC can log and demonstrate the G-Forces on the motorcycle. You can even load pre-sets on the off chance that you loan the motorcycle to a mate so he can’t rev its bollocks off.

The PC additionally has full analytic ability and a PCIII is utilized for keeping the mammoth running right. Try not to anticipate getting lost either; the bike has satellite route just as a DVD player. What’s more, a DVD player would be entirely pointless without a ball tearing stereo, sub woofer and amps included.

It will even reveal to you the separation of the vehicle behind. You can likewise monitor what make and model it is, on account of the back mounted camera. The dash unit holding every one of the instruments and LCD screens was custom worked in-house.

The standard cleaned handlebars have been kept despite the fact that they sport some fairly streak chrome grasps. The triple-clasps were exceptionally machined by Suttons Speedy Services at that point cleaned with blue decorates for included effect. The switches are by RIS Designs and append to standard cleaned ace barrels, with Mobile Auto Hoses meshed brake lines used to improve ceasing power.

The specially crafted stores holding the brake liquid were likewise made by Suttons Speedy Services. The front suspension is stock, and has come in for a clean, alongside the directing damper. The front wheel is a billet chrome plated compound thing by RC Components wearing an Avon 120/70/17 Viper. Furthermore, RC Components Vega circle rotors are accustomed to convey the R1 to a halt. The standard calipers have been cleaned, again with blue trims.

The low kilometer motor was kept stock albeit broad itemizing has been done, including painting and cleaning. The jolts have either been supplanted with compound or pure and those that couldn’t be, have been chrome plated. Twisted oil and water hoses add to the custom look.

The airbox was somewhat of a test. It must be specially designed by Firebrand in view of the room taken up by hardware and sub woofer. On the off chance that you take a gander at the back seat unit you will see two cleaned bottles formed in to the under-plate. These are NOS bottles yet for legitimate street use they have not yet been snared to the solenoids. Something to anticipate!

The blue chrome bodywork is something different. Other than the astonishing paint there is such a great amount to take in, for example, the headlights in the fairing, the encompasses have been given the blue chrome treatment. The specially designed air admissions, painted chrome obviously, keep a supply of air streaming to the airbox.

Also, a lot of Pro 1 chrome plated mirrors have been fitted. What’s more, take a gander at all the spike clasp that hold the fairings and watches set up. Most have been exceptionally machined only for this bike by Suttons Speedy Services, in spite of the fact that on the off chance that you drop the bike on yourself it will finish in torment!

The lower fairing has been changed to fit the Boz Bros slip on suppressor while the Yamaha EXUP valve has been kept to hold mid range. Cooling vents have been fitted in the lower fairing to expel exhaust heat. The seat unit houses some genuine amps and has had air vents introduced to keep thing cool just as having a formed undertray for the NOS. The seat was made and upholstered in coordinating hues in-house by Firebrand.

Color Scheme

The primary thing that was done to get this stunning completion was to get the boards arranged. This required a great deal of work, even the littlest flaw or chip must be fixed first with the goal that each board was impeccable. I was dependably told amid my splash painting apprenticeship that extremely poor planning prompts poor execution. That has never showed signs of change.

The chrome was the following stage, this was a two-section water based, corrosive clean framework, flighty and difficult to utilize. Ronnie from Firebrand was in charge of the paint and by his very own affirmation it took him much experimentation to hit the nail on the head. At first, the chrome was rigid and would drop off the boards, an issue that set aside a long effort to deal with. The entire chrome paint arrangement of Firebrands is somewhat of a mystery yet I’m told they are presently equipped for painting any surface, plastic or metal.

In view of this, the choices are just constrained by your creative ability. When the chrome was connected, segments were veiled up then later expelled; this uncovers the chrome differentiating against the blue bodywork. A few layers of PPG sweet apple blue were then showered over the best. This was more enthusiastically than it sounds. Since the treat paint is straightforward, each coat must be connected equally generally there would be a development of shading on the edges or blotching on the boards, it’s an occupation best left to an expert.

Each coat that is connected makes the treat darker until the ideal influence is accomplished. The treat apple gives the paint an astounding translucent profundity. After the treat was done, splashing a few layers of PPG clear coat fixed the activity. The activity was then left to solidify before being sanded back with ultra fine wet’n’dry paper to an overly level completion. At that point the time had come to get out the artificially glamorize.

Every one of the lines and ghosting impacts you see were finished via enhance with Photoshop. When that was done the entire employment was fixed again with six layers of PPG clear. The reasonable likewise adds profundity to the paintwork and, in light of the fact that it is UV safe shields the sweet from blurring in the sun. A pleasant completing touch is the tuning fork identifications on the boards. They are uniquely designed by Firebrand, lit up from behind they truly emerge around evening time and are a show-stopper.



  • 998cc inline four-barrel, 20-valve DOHC four-stroke,
  • 180hp, bore and stroke 75 x 53.6mm, pressure proportion 12.3:1
  • Double valve throttle bodies with engine driven auxiliary valves.
  • Boz Bros suppressor, pure headers with EXUP valve,
  • Spotless braded oil and water hoses, custom airfilter with adjusted airbox,
  • PC heads up unit and information investigation, NOS.


  • Cleaned casing and six-inch expanded swingarm, standard 43mm transformed forks and Big Bore Air Ride back suspension framework.
  • Standard ‘bars with custom holds and end spikes.
  • Pro 1 chrome plated mirrors, RIS Design switches, Sutton’s Speedy Services CNC-machined triple clips and stores.Spike brake cooling framework, R1 ace barrels.
  • Mobile Auto Hoses plaited lines, spikes fairing and clasp.
  • LED pointers and back lights, Custom Firebrand situate, RC Components Stingray wheels, Vortex chrome back sets, Galfer back circle.
  • Performance Machine back caliper, RC Components front circles, invert cameras, DVD player, sat nav, G-Force lumberjack. Paint work by Firebrand.

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