As anticipated for the 2019 model year, the huge feature on the R1250GS Adventure is actually the inclusion of BMW Motorrad’s ShiftCam boxer twin motor.

Obtaining a bump to 1,254cc, this increase in displacement implies that there’s a modest functionality expansion of 134hp along with ninety two lbs?ft of torque.

What is Shiftcam Technology?


Constantly one to re brand the apparent, the BMW ShiftCam engineering is actually only a variable valve timing method for the consumption valves on the R series engines.

As a result, it offers 2 potential cam lobes for each valve, and the ShiftCam camshaft shifts position in the cylinder head to interact with one of the 2 lobes, based on throttle inputs. Hence the title, ShiftCam.

This allows for various consumption valve actuation (stroke and timing) throughout touring and community riding, for much better fuel usage as well as softer throttle response, however leaves the engine the capability to wake up throughout spirited cycling, as well as give much more power.

Additional technical changes to the motor relate with the camshaft drive, which is taken care by toothed chain (previously a roller chain).

There’s additionally an enhanced oil supply, twin jet injection valves along with a brand new exhaust system.

Electronic Package 

R1250 GS comes with some good electronic package.

  • Hill Start Control (Automatic Stability and hsc) Control (ASC) comes as standard.
  • BMW Motorrad also provides cornering ABS, under the title ABS Pro, and the R1250GS Adventure is able to come with what is been called as Dynamic Brake Control DBC, which gives extra safety when braking by staying away from unintentional throttle activation. This’s attained by modulating the throttle so the drive torque is able to make full use of the braking power at the back wheel, which raises stability.
  • The Riding Modes Pro choice is actually the place that the miracle happens, as it brings 2 more using modes to the mix (Enduro and Enduro Pro), and also BMW’s Dynamic Traction Control (DTC).

Add Ons

While generally there are actually a great deal of add ons to the 2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure, no less than the LED headlight is currently a regular choice.

Additionally delighted to find out this BMW Motorrad goes on to outfit the devices of its with a beautiful 6.5 TFT dash.

Obviously, the huge feature on the BMW R1250GS Adventure is actually the motorcycle’s truly huge gas tank, that has just below eight gallons of gas capability.








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Source : BMW Motorrad

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