Custom : Krax Moto’s ” Golden Gun “

 Custom : Krax Moto’s ” Golden Gun “

Krax Moto is team of five and come up with this build of cafe racer with all in Golden paint scheme.

Max : The “AX” of krAX. It is he who takes care of you, your orders and who will answer your questions. He rolls DR750 scrambler (scooter daily …).He is the wisest and most thoughtful of the band, and therefore he manages accounting!.

Kris : The “KR” of KRax. Chris takes care of finding you new accessories and move suppliers to deliver quickly.He rolls in Hayabusa street with a rear tire in 240 (Some say he has something to compensate …) .The figures is not his thing, so he sticks to the creation, graphics and take himself for an artist.

Antho : Gold hands (covered with grease, cuts, burns …) that shaped the Krax motorcycles (CBR, Hayabusa …) 
He does not work Krax but is part of the team. He touches everything, especially welding, and does it well! 

Maniac in the job as in life, it brings as much care to what is visible as to that which is hidden. 
Mechanic assigned to all the team, he spends as much time doing service as working (and almost as much to prevent us from working …).

Filou and Manon : The graphic designers couple, both family and friends. She, pin-up in her spare time, passionate about cox and cars in general. Filou bosse in motorcycle accessories too, and often changes vehicles, whether it is 2 or 4 wheels!

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Akash Dolas

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