Like a year ago, Ducati and Locman – the watch-manufactured based on the Island of Elba (Tuscany, Italy) – will be as one at Pitti Immagine to unveil the most recent line of one of a kind, cutting edge sports watches for those with an enthusiasm for Italian style and cruisers.

For the launch of this second series the two Italian companies’ style centers have teamed up to create watches that embody their hallmarks: competitive spirit, cutting-edge technology and a passion for design.

The most recent Locman Ducati collection comprises of four models, each with an alternate component, with costs going from €299 to €598: the quartz Solo Tempo (Time Only), the quartz twin-measure Chronograph (with 24-hour time and chrono minutes), the three-check Chronograph (with ceaseless watch seconds, chrono hours and chrono minutes) and the Meccanico Automatico Solo Tempo (Mechanical Self-Winding Time Only).


All models are round, giving the watch dynamism and delicacy. The case, which has a breadth of 42 mm, is made of brushed 316L careful treated steel with cleaned bezel and push buttons. The screw-down crown includes the Ducati shield and has a double inside silicone seal to enhance waterproofing. The face, encompassed by checking the minutes, takes its sign from Ducati instrumentation and the racing scene, the hued band featuring the initial 15 minutes. Ties are accessible in delicate hypoallergenic silicone or regular cushioned cowhide with high-differentiate sewing.

In short: a collection described by extraordinary mechanical substance that is promptly accessible in Italy and Japan, in Locman boutiques, in all the best adornments stores, in chose Ducati Stores and universally through

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Source : Ducati



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